Bots Begone!

Hello Crossout developers.
When you come back from your tropical island vacations funded by the crossout players.
Can you please add an option to toggle Bots on or off for people who play pvp?
I think most people wont mind to wait longer for a full game of human players.
But for those who want short wait times they can enable the bots.


4000 players play at once,
50% players will choose to play with bots
Other 50% will choose bots
Wait time doubles for everyone yay…

But to be honest there are many PS ratings, for each rating there is 30-120 people… If we split them all in 2 groups…the wait time will probably take this game to the grave instead.

Good idea but needs improvement

Your math is correct.
But what if 100% of players choose to play without bots?
i dont know what PS you play, but i generally have around 10 to 30 second wait times.

I think if there is a lot of players(like when new battle pass drops), there is no bots. At least this is how it always been.

This game has really low amount of players for each PS bracket. So the problem is unsolvable unless you want to play 1v1.

But make sure you got all the servers enabled in settings. Europe, Russia, Africa, USA. Because for me the wait time is 8seconds average, I’m from UK.

Also many of these 4500online players(as per steam stats) just spend their time in raids, building/improving their builds/or just picking their nose. So sometimes there are only 10-15 players for a bracket.

It helps to have builds across a wide PS range. If you’re noticing too many bots, increasing or decreasing your PS can get you into a queue with more players. I usually find 10kPS to be the busiest, but that’s on PS4.

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Imagine playing counterstrike with 4 bots every match.
Something must be done to compensate for the declining playerbase.

Cross platform will help.

It should be coming soon.