Bots being weird

so… am i the only one to notice this?
bots in pve, specifically in partol vs ai, are driving around the map in weird spots. like sometimes theyll just… wonder off or drive to a corner of the map and derp out on a wall or something… did i just drink some derp juice or is everyone else experiencing that to?

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I’ve noticed that bots in PVP seem dumber than normal. Also in Patrol.
But I might be imagining it. It’s not like they’ve ever been very smart.

Maybe they saw the threads about bots being too strong and took pity on those guys?

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I think they somehow screwed up fixed cannon bots, they don’t acquire targets properly

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ya cuz they learn from the special players using aim assist nd camera traction lol

I think they are trying to get the bots to lure players into playing on wider swaths of the map, based on their latest “hot-spot” mapping research. The change in bot behavior came at the same time those Thermal Maps came out.

I like it. The bots seem much more radical and aggressive, and race all over the place taking far less predictable paths…usually. They still are pretty quirky, and probably need some more tinkering to buff them up a little more.

I like’m a little more vicious, but I also like the chaotic style they are sporting presently too. I think they are more fun for patrols…but could maybe pack a little more heat? Maybe they just need to improve at driving and shooting at the same time?

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That’s an interesting theory, and might explain what we are seeing. But I also think at least some of the bots are having real problems. Cannon bots especially do not seem to be targeting properly.
Also, I played a few patrol matches yesterday with a helicopter to clear some BP challenges, and it felt like hardly any of the bots were targeting me at all, while in the past they seemed to instantly lock on to aircraft.

Judge them by their fruits.

  • The developers do research mapping the clusters where battles take place.

  • Now the bots are scattering all over the board, inviting their opponents to give pursuit.

  • They weren’t before.

I’m just presuming that the results they have now (battles now take place in more various places) was intentional…mostly.

They do seem to be a bit buggy now, and I don’t think that all their new behavior is intentional. The cannon-bot in particular seems to have an issue driving and shooting.

I bet they fix it. I bet we have better bots when they do. It already makes PVE much more entertaining, IMO.


i agree with this,making bots not die in a fire puddle and grouping up is fine.(but i like watching popcorn pop lol)
but watching bots shoot someone and then run away 100 meters and turn around to shoot them again is crazy…why dont they stop n keep shooting them?
they just drive by them while shooting sometimes and then to turn around 100 meters later…we all see this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I am going to laugh so much if it turns out the devs were responding to threads here about bots being OP, and made bots dumber to accommodate those players who thought bots were too strong.

Bring back the killer bots!

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I wonder if they still do better than the meat-bags. Typically, in PVP, bots would outplay humans, and are regularly among the last survivors, if not the lone beast that finally wins the match. I wonder how that stands now.

As much as people are critical of the bots, for either having exploitive precision aim, or dubiously flawed cychology, the humans are worse in almost every regard, IMO. They come into matches with extremely stupid builds (look who’s talking, right?) that can barely drive straight lines, try to use reverse to out run melee, randomly explode, harass players, etc. and conversely also use every exploit in the book to cheese matches, and on top of it all shit-post chat, like you’re the problem.

Yes, please…although I do like their new heightened vigor.

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the same…bots are the last to survive and win the match in heli pvp more times than usual ,depends on the player.u know how the game goes if no one shoots bots lol…

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bots can be broken at times. sometimes id have my whole team wiped out by bots with the entire bot team not losing 1 person or losing 1 or 2 but my entire team is taken out. its like they artificially inflate the difficulty every few matches to force a loss, i could be sitting there shooting a bots weapons and half my teams dead while this bots shooting me back and not taking that much damage… almost like its health has been tripled… but this is just… funny…

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