Bots should leave the Game

The controversial slaughter mode has proved that we dont need bots to populate games.
There have many games in that mode with 4vs4, 6vs6 or 8vs8 players… all without bots.
Why put everyone in the waiting list for normal games into fast matches with a 4 player team and 4 stupid bots, when im sure those players would like to wait 10-20 seconds more for a full 8vs8 human game?


I don’t mind the bots, but your post makes me realize if I wanna play against bots, I wanna play against bots.

When I want to play PVP, I want zero bots. I want flesh and blood… Mostly blood.

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I would love full 8vs8 and I don’t mind waiting.

But last time this was brought up we had plenty of people say that 20-30 seconds more was to much extra…. Which is crazy to me lol.

Good luck on getting them to make match maker changes.

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I don’t have much free time, and today is a good example… So, to grind out the dailies, I’m in a 5989PS build racing through them, & in the last battle, the top 4 players on both sides were bots. I - somehow - was 5th on my team with 5 kills & we still lost. :rofl:

On days like today, I don’t mind this as it allows me to knock out the dailies in about 30 minutes. On days when I can play, I wouldn’t mind very long waits for humans… even if that meant Patrol-like PS spreads. Humans are unpredictable. Bots… not so much.