Bots should not have perfect aim

I have indeed played with him on pc. Pretty much I have seen everyone on this forum on the PC or Xbox platform many many times (not PS though, i never bought one). Even the ones that don’t use their in game handle on the forum.

I agree, only if bots get a more complex/credible behavior in exchange

DHawk is a dumbass and you are totally wrong.

Good job posting a picture of a bot from 6 years ago, the game has changed much since then if you didnt notice, Yes i remember bots used radar back then, but this has not been the case for many years.
Nowadays all bots track you without radar, even behind obstacles.
The only reason for a bot to have radar now is so their drones and turrets have more range.
They dont actually need the radar themselves with the wallhack and perfect aim.

I’m jealous (not really). I can’t hit the shots (most of the time).

And, I see MudnBeer out there often (PC).

Not true at all. Radar makes a huge difference in bot behaviour, and you can see it if you watch the map and track their reactions.
I think I see more radar detectors on bots now than ever before, although it depends on what PS range you are playing.
It’s always been the case that running a detector on your own build can help your allied bots be more aggressive.

They also have long “line of sight” abilities, which can make it seem like they don’t need radar. But get outside of that and you are invisible to them if they don’t have radar (or aren’t being fed map data by allies).

Which reminds me: bury a radio in your build! Even after you lose your own radar, you’ll transmit line of sight data, which means bots will come to your aid when you get attacked.

Dudes dedicated to being wrong. Let him.

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Bots have maxwells also. Whole lotta people living in their own world of “alternative facts” (lies) nowadays.

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Bots still hump rocks.
I’m 99% sure they still need radar to lock on target, just don’t need it to keep the lock. This is easily tested with Griffon instead of throwing shit at each others.
Bots have not been updated besides some new (stronger) builds as far as I can tell.
You can still like… Not drive in straight lines.

I have no idea what’s going on in this thread :no_mouth:

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