Bots should not have perfect aim

When you are faced with hitscan weapon bots, its like they have caucassus weapons but 3 times stronger.
When you dont have a hitscan weapon there is no chance to degun a bot because someone thought it funny to put relic weapons on 5k bots.
Bots dont have radar, and they dont have radios.
Yet they always know where you are and track you through walls and obstacles

Now if a player had the same abilities as bots, Perfect aim, free radar and wallhack, they would get an instant Ban.
But it seems the Easy Anti-Cheat program Targem Games adopted to prevent players from having all these abilities doesnt apply to their own bots.
I feel like im playing in a casino where only the house is allowed to cheat.


You want to attack those bots from angles where they can not line up all their weapons and fire them at the same time. i.e. let their own weapons block themselves. This cuts their damage down significantly. Then de-gun them as fast as you can. That’s the only strategy that I found that really works for me on them. There might be others but that’s what I use the most.

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Yeah the bot need some aim deviation as they really ruin the experience.


I was thinking like 10 to 30% miss chance depending on the distance, just like humans would have.

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We have been saying this for 5 years, and they haven’t changed them. infact the bots are dumber then 4 years ago.

Umm, false. 50% of all bots at all PS ranges have dopplers and maxwell radars. Obviously the actual number isnt 50% exactly, but it’s definitely a huge chunk of all bots.

And if anyone on your entire team has radar, the bots play way more aggressive and hone in on targets way more concertedly.



Spewing nonsense as usual

No, Bots dont have radars, if you see radars on bots you should check your eyesight.

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Mmmnnn…nope. I’m with Skynet on this one. As long as players are going to exploit their end of the system, it’s seems only fair they let the bots show you who they really are once in a while.

They also offer themselves up for the sacrifice sometimes too, and are purposefully vulnerable in ways (dame-bots?).

I think it’s amusing, because I get trolled by pros with gold plated pistols at 6K mercilessly, and it’s often bots that keep that in check, if anybody does. If not for the bots, and them being actually dangerous and not just “threatening,” veterans would steamroll PVP with p2w (kinda do anyway) I think.

It is annoying, when you’re doing well, to have the bots start targeting you with cyborg accuracy. I do get that, but all you have to do is back off, and stop farming a little, just play, and let somebody else win a little. Because there is actually a ghost in this machine (I think it guards the resources, and helps maintain the status quo), the bots will also back off, once you stop gorging yourself on the resources.

The only time I see bots sharpshooting me, is when I’ve got it together well, and am causing real damage. I’m a threat. They do their job…sometimes.

I think it’s fair sport what they do, after all the BS I see humans doing for wins. It’s not like people are going to start playing fair, or whatever it is we’d like the bots to do.

Leave it in, I say.


Yeah some of them actually do.

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Give us a picture then

Hawk is totally correct.

There a quick Google for Reaper Bot… This bot has had that radar detector for literally years -

The Reddit post that this image if from is 6 years old… They’ve had radar built in forever, not all but quite a lot and it’s how they get their information in order to fight.

Bots without radar or bots unable to use a teammates radar will drive straight to base.




there is also a tank bot in around 5k-6k with a doppler, although I couldn’t find a photo of it

(but I have seen it multiple times)


But players have maxwells ect. Bots don’t need the radar nor the radio if a player on the bot team has one.

They should give all bots fused cabs with mass, radar limit +200, mass.

Its make them slightly faster, but not give them a huge advantage beyond better team radar coverage

Stronger bots? Perhaps it is time to sharpen OUR skills :thinking: The occasional cannon bot that can one shot you from across the map? Yeah I’ve been there & have the “T” shirt. And equally :exploding_head: torqued off about it when it happens… This phenomena happens should you not pay close attention. That I have learned. The days of face planting the once Anemic weak AI is well over. But then playing against a well equipped opponent with a higher skill set with fused equipment differs other than being A.I? Dare we refer to AI as “Aim bots” ??? Playing against stronger AI should be a great learning tool. Not condoning the fact just pointing out variables. :slightly_smiling_face: G’day


No matter what, if I get hit by some aimbot from miles away while I’m busy doing something else then there’s nothing to “learn” from it. What is there to learn other than “an aimbot shot me”.

If a player was to take such a shot I’d be impressed, but in reality players never pull those kind of shots… the shots so far away and in such an awkward position that you’re not aware on the bots position relative to yours. In my experience players never do it, they tend to take the easier shots which they can guarantee damage rather than take the 1 in 100 across map shot at someone who may easily dodge it; but the bots do take these shots because they lock and are programmed to take the shots regardless of their pheasability.

When you face players both good or bad you can always learn from the experience in some way, but whenyou get hit by a bot it’s because they’re programmed to aimbot you, which isn;t very fulfilling.

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I take these shots, and I usually hit them. It’s practice and good judge of velocity and shell drop


:crazy_face: :rofl: :upside_down_face: no u don’t

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I main cannons and artillery, I like support roles and rarely play direct confrontation, so I have a lot of practice. I loved cannons since I picked up my first avenger. I have a 75% hit rate with most cannons, the median being the only exception.

Either you’re just jealous you can’t hit the shots, or you believe that no one is better than you at hitting long range shots (if you even play the game, I’ve never seen you ANYWHERE)

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