BOTS: Upgrade in strategy and teamwork


I don’t know how you would like it if our bots had more fighting spirit. :slight_smile:

I could imagine, for example, that the new AI (openAI) would open up new possibilities. Just think what would be possible with the BOTS!

It occurred to me once and now I thought I’d throw the idea out there.

What do you think?

Thank you for your interest.

See you out there.

they are to OP as is/with aim bot and dps.
they need a nerf in hp/and dps,or give us the same bots on each team.

Wrong type of AI to do that. While they have done some research with multi-agent interactions in games that’s not what they sell. Most of their API stuff is just generative text and graphical creation.

I could imagine that with enough manpower and capital, the problem could be solved. It always starts with a vision. Like the thing with the wheel. Nobody knew a wheel and nobody knew what a wheel could be good for. Until someone invented it, presumably out of necessity.

We also have a vision…now only the rest is missing ;))

So far, nobody needs an AI for BOTS either :o. But we do.

Then you could also give the bots a mission before each round. Guard the base. Storm the base. Guard the spar.

That would be cool.


Most of the common issues is sensory and pathfinding. These are basic bot behaviors that are observed across platform.

Getting them to act together as a group might just invole basic scripting and calls for help.


bot takes 100 dmg calls for help…
Bots within X area respond.

Right now I’ve have bots walk past me because the target has been more important.

This is scripts and overrides objectives more so than AI right now though. They are not automaton yet.