ok i feel this needs to be said… ive noticed in a few games i been in that you are FORCED to take a loss no matter what in pve. i had a team of players and a team of bots destroyed us. i was shooting at this retcher bots retchers and doing nothing to it, meanwhile ONE VOLLEY was enough to take off one of my guns, followed by another volley taking out the other. these guns were on gun mounts and should not have been shot off in 1 volley. normally when i shot at those types of parts that let damage through they do not fall off, especially the gun mounts yet one fricken volley was enough to take off both of my gun mounts!? i call bullcrap on that. and the imp / fidget bots do absurd amounts of damage while not taking much damage, seriously it shouldnt take my arbiters much time to strip those guns but it does. why the hell does everything do so much damage now? at times i can shoot and shoot and shoot at a bot and it just wont die. it takes FOREVER and a millennia to take off just one gun… assuming i can survive long enough to take it off because of the absurd damage increase they get. it wasnt like this before and im questioning why its being done like this.

but the weirdest thing is the difficulty fluctuates, sometimes its as easy as sticking a fork in it and calling it done. you can shoot the bots and theyd die if you tickle them with a feather. but now its more often to get bots that just take out the slap hands and spank your bumper from across the map. this isnt just in pve patrol but in raids to.

i have a suggestion for those bots though, make everything a middle finger. any bullets, cannon shells, drones or anything like that all middle fingers. for retchers well they just fire multiple middle fingers at you. can you imagine a fuze drone as just an explosive middle finger? :rofl:


just my own wonderings here…do the bots come with fused parts at all? do they flip flop between fused and unfused rigs dependent on certain triggers? inquiring minds want to know.

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i really have no idea. but at times in raids and pve bots can do absurd amounts of damage and take very little back like bosses in raids. for some reason the difficulty gets amped up ten fold and im questioning why. i honestly wouldnt doubt that the bots would have fused weapons when the difficulty gets amped up though.

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Bots have laser precision. Using a spray and pray weapon that cannot one hit their guns or pick them off with precision is automatically a bad setup. You should absolutely expect that to happen time and time again.

Ive never lost a PvE game, and likely never will, because i use the right tool for the job, MGs. And tactics-wise, they have a engage-disengage delay when your cabin breaks line of sight from their. Use this as an exploit to get free damage in over and over.

But mostly, dont use arbiters. If you must, hide and get full damage on your perk before you make line of sight with them. Starting the engagemnt with 4 damage a bullet, waiting for the perk to spool up is just you being cannon fodder.

Might seem like im attacking you, but this is just cold hard facts. Hope it helps.

ive known this since i started playing crossout many years ago. i think its ridiculous they can hit you from across the map with pinpoint accuracy even with things like mastodons and mammoths. that just adds insult to injury.

no gun is perfect. and i run not just 1 arbiter, i run 3 with an aurora. this really helps as the aurora heats the part and my guns power up at the same time.

machine guns wont always save your bumper. i was thinking of investing in another reaper because not only do they have very high damage but can be quite devastating to more frail builds but they pack quite a punch if they are fused and have the proper perk. in the future though i plan on getting aspects and at least try to get a punisher because i really like the design of it.

im actually very aware of this and use this tactic on bosses in raids to minimize damage i take and maximize damage i deal to them. i use the environment to my advantage. example i always try to get cannon bots stuck on hills that are higher then me because their cannons will be pointing high up in the air and they will be shooting at the sky. (seriously bots leave the sky alone we need the ozone layers to live!)

dude i been doing this for years lol. im a tactical player not “LEEEEROOOOOOOY JEEEEEENKIIIIIIINS!” i dont just run in and get my wheels handed to me on a silver… or in this case BURNT rusted platter. i strategize and im always thinking on the battlefield. i care about surviving and degunning my enemies to help my team mates and most of the time i am damn good at it. strip, move to the next target, strip, next target, rinse, lathe and repeat.

i do want better guns though and am searching for new ones all the time. i want to get a set of aspects but this battle pass only will let us get 1 fused legendary so i need to decide carefully. cause i have my eyes set on a few guns.

mandrake: mainly because i love the mandrake and want them again.
reaper: because ill have a second one thats fused.
retchers: i have 2 of these unfused but… maybe? i mean if i get one i could just sell an unfused one. but is it worth it?
tsunami: nah i got my typhoons.
aspect: yes please.
cyclone: meh i have a blueprint for 2 more of these things so no need.

as for the purple ones i have my eyes on the incinerator because that perk is the exact perk of my other one. reload AND projectile speed? sign me the hell up!
the other guns are just meh. though i might get a few more of those legs just for fun.