Botter for a week?

I’m sick of seeing this guy “AtheosHunter” PS 5007, for a week now his vehicle goes in a strait line and he summon drones every minute like clockwise. Players now recognize him and leave him be till the end cause he is no threat. Many reported him but he keeps showing up.

Is it really that obvious that reports are ignored?
Will someone with authority ban him please?

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Can confirm. Was chilling at 5k yesterday with clan mates, we saw that guy (and reported him) a lot.

Not taking sides in this, but is there any chance he’s just a newer player, maybe somewhat frustrated, and acting out? I’ve seen this in other games…“he doesn’t play the way we want him to…report him.”

“drive on a strait line and stick to front (edit:wall)”
“summon drones in exact intervals”
“morning to evening for a week”

Yeah he’s new alright


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I tend to do the same, you know?
the exact intervals is called cooldown time.

Even when no enemies around u?
when they r north of map and ur stuck to a wall in the south?

Edit: U know what’s really frustrating? is that not one with authority is checking him out to see if we’re stupid enough not to recognize a bad player from a computer movement commands

I don’t do that.
i tend to launch my drones when i’m close to other builds and i try to launch them when my target is already occupied with something else.
but often i’ve seen another drones players launching them right on the start, "burning " the active time with nothing.

hey lord tutor, this is your competition right here! this guy presumably scores enough to get a reward in some matches which is why you cant has cheese for 14 points.

Last time I met him, he scored 10 lmao.

I guess even if he gets just 100 metal/hour, it’s better than dealing with this game’s garbage grind. Can’t really blame him for farming the shit out of that game this way. If Targem wants it to stop, they can make the game less boringly grindy.