Bought new pack and didn't get extra parts

hey there, I’m sorry if this is not the right topic for this thread, but I couldn’t find any other topic header for the gaijin store support. I’ve looked at the support section in the store itself, but couldn’t find a way to put in a ticket. In game, I also couldn’t find a way to submit a ticket.

What happened was a long time ago, I bought the Bravo-6 pack and then I saw the bravo-6 Deluxe edition, so I bought that as well. I purchased it because I wanted more APC parts, like APC Side, roof, Rear end, etc…

I noticed that I got the 4000 coins, and the 2 extra crickets, but that’s it! No additional armored parts - which is the sole reason I bought the pack!

So how can I put in a ticket to request a refund?

thanks in advance

You problaly already had these parts.


i like how much of a running gag these topics are. the trick with confusing customers seems to continually work.