Bought the STEELSHIELD car pack

Hi I’m a new player … I just discovered this game today and saw this so called steelshield DLC and go ahead and buy it …

steelshield my ass… this game should at least double even triple the HP and defense rating of such heavy armor slow vehicle

I was way over my head thinking I can overwhelm others by having a big beefy chunk of metal because of your misleading marketing and trailer

instead I was getting slaughtered like target practice on the field




welcome, i hope you like this game, there’s a lot to like.

keep what you bought, for later.
for now, the most useful parts for you are the guardians (MGs) weapons wise.

Sell the pack items and get what you want with the coins.

Wow, this trailer sure is misleading. They pasted together several charges in this tank, which makes it look indestructible. They should show how it can be used in actual battles, as well as examples of expanding it with additional modules and various weapon types.

There are a few more cool trailers. E.g. those for the Phantom or the Insomnia packs, with the Polymorph pack trailer being a nice, proper treat. Many of the trailers end abruptly, which could put some potential buyers off. Then there are some funny ones.


The one for the Polar Explorer pack shows how the vehicle is only good for busting through the new destructible trash on the ground. Most other cars, just driving straight ahead. The Arachnida pack trailer consists of a series of stills rotating in 3D - because they were apparently embarrassed to show the pack in action. Similarly with the Pestilence pack, but it keeps repeating the same clip over and over, which is quite confusing, in a trippy way. :upside_down_face: The Creation pack trailer looks decent, but they ran out of music at the end, and added garage music. :laughing: In contrast, for the Adrenaline pack trailer, they had too much music, so they showed the same clip several times. :rofl: Similarly with the Tango-1 pack trailer, but the driver can’t resist taking a longing gaze at the car doing a cool jump stunt, as if regretting being stuck in the crappy, slow APC. :grin:

BTW, here’s a trailer for a Clarinet pack, only $149.99. :wink:
Firewhip: The Road to Valhalla - YouTube


I’ve never bought a pack, but my impression of them is that none of the pack vehicles are very useable.
It’s the parts that are useful, but you’ll have to figure out how to build a good vehicle with them (or sell the parts and buy what you actually want).
Goliaths perform better if you don’t go into high PS, and if you can hide your weapons between the tracks.

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welcome. All the car packs or 100% cosmetic. You’ll need to play the game for a bit to learn what parts work best with each other.

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Welcome… and yeah, what :arrow_up: he said.

The packs will help you get more “advanced” gameplay, but won’t really help you win. Parts and matches are rated by “powerscore” so the more powerful your parts, the more powerful your opponents will be. We argue amongst ourselves as to the balance of these parts, but in truth, they’re pretty reliable. Your post is a testament to that.

If you hang out…

Only buy packs when they’re on sale. They go on sale every few months for 1/2 off.

Battle Passes are generally a pretty good value.

Never buy CrossCrowns - they’re a rip-off.

The game has a lot to offer. I hope that monstrously slow thing you bought doesn’t deter you too much.


Welcome to XO!

Generally, the design in packs are not good. Use the stuff in a pack to make a different build, or sell to buy what you really want.

Make Machine guns, cannons and shotguns. You will need one of these three every day for dailies.

Good advice for a new player… I did this, but it never occurred to me how necessary this is to “level up.”

The guys making the rigs in the packs are the devs… clearly, they never play the game the way the rest of us do. Here’s a little evidence of that. This is a screenshot from them where they’re showing off the new parts for the latest update. It’s beyond a noob-build…

Completely exposed cab.
Guns are mounted side by side on the roof with no protection & so close together they’ll not rotate properly.
Fuel tank mounted right next to the cab & also unprotected. LOL!

Buy the packs for parts, not the build.

This is a game with deep customization, the packs and faction cars are nothing but placeholders, you only get them for their parts.

Watch building tutorials and use the exhibition, play around the parts you have, usually anything semi decent in decent hands will perform well in combat.


Make no mistake, the Devs know how to build viable builds.
Do you sell a diamond by keeping it covered up with a cardboard box?
Or do you place it clearly on display for all to see?
Devs are trying to showcase the “good stuff you get”.
Probably should add this ploy to your ways they screw you post.


Not arguing… Genuinely curious. Where? What build have they released that doesn’t suck?

The faction blueprints are the best, but I’d never use any of them. The ravager cars are hilariously bad. The ones they force us to use in the seasonal brawls are barely drivable (specifically remembering a cannon build that flipped itself when firing).

Compare any of them with any moderately downloaded blueprint from the exhibition, and you’ll see who can build.

I’m increasingly under the impression the devs really are mentally challenged. :joy:

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Why do you ask for an example that you know the packs are not designed for?
You are confusing packs they released with their ability to build.
The need of the design isn’t to “not suck” but to “sell packs”.
Packs do not have the intention of being the “best most efficient build ever in the history of the world this week”.

Packs have the intention of showcasing items for sale. That is a very different goal.

Same with faction blue prints, they are to showcase “Possible stuff you can build”.

Just like the big wow displays at supermarkets… do you really think they will sell all 5,000 oranges they have set in that pyramid? oh… wait remove 2 layers and its a big black plastic prop underneath used for show.

Provided blue prints are given as examples of what you can make, to spur ideas. Pack blue prints are to advertise what’s in the pack.

I have only liked one update since 2.0.
And that is when they reverted the change to the look back button. So really none of it improved the game imo.

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Yeah none of the packs are actually usable as playable vehicles, they absolutely suck at it, generally all packs are only bought for specific parts, coins and the coin you make when selling off unnecessary parts.

I think that it’s an intentional decision, I honestly do not want to think that anyone in charge of making these packs genuinely thinks they are making an actually usable in-game build, but having been playing this game for so long, I can’t say it can’t be a reality, I have seen some really, really, really really, really stupid stuff being done by the people in charge of this game.

No I can not even begin to describe how much stupidity I have seen and will most likely see, it’s got to be intentional, I refuse to believe anyone who has made it into running this game can be so, so, so, so humongous incompetent it goes even way past comical and satire, it becomes downright depressing, goes even further beyond that and goes a full circle, becoming satire comedy again, and then just keeps on going and going and going and it never ends and you can’t even bare to watch it anymore it’s getting so sad and pathetic you can’t simply look in the general direction of it anymore


yes i am having fun with the game still

Goliaths feel really bad right now, they are bugged as well ever since the supercharged update:they have basically no traction, they struggle to go up hills, and even slide back down sometimes when attempting to go up on them, enemy and your own shots makes you slide back, and when an enemy touchs you you just slide without being able to do anything, while they just happilly push you while not even getting slowed down;

And other than that bug, goliaths are still the worst movement part in the game just like before (it is only used on spiders or meat-grinder builds, but as armor, and not an movement part, so that does not count as being “good”) it is so large, but has so few durability per units of volume, that it will get eat extremelly easylly then pop out of existence even when not being aimed at, all that while having outrasiously hight power-score for it’s viability;

they giga-nerfed the goliaths due to some people using them at 2k-3k powerscore battles, they severelly reduced their durability, increased power drain by a lot, even straight up removing their blast resistance alltogether, and then after all that, then they almost tripple their power-score, making they the worst movement part, as they were already bad in medium PS, and basically almost unusable in high PS, the PS change made they actuall garbage all around due to the severe bad stats after all the nerfs due to “sealclubing”…

the worst thing is that no one actually talks about actually buffing the current bad tracks (and the worst movement part in the game, the goliath track), people say that nerfing hovers will make tracks “meta” but that is just outright untrue, as all of them are straight up garbage, even just compared with wheels…

oh, and also, buff the meatgrinders too please, and why are they getting nerfed in several patches but without any official sources talking about the changes? (stares at the meatgrinder hitbox sudenlly being increased by 1,5 units of block on every side, while also making it retangular instead of the previous cylindrical)

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I can’t say that I’ve experienced this and I use them. What’s your build?

LMAO that’s so true and sad :joy: