Brawl Descriptions? Where?

Okay, I don’t know what this brawl is. Is there a way to tell?

i just did it and it gave me a build with rocket launchers and medians , while others had machine guns

It GAVE you a build? Hmmm…

But, there’s no description anywhere?

this is what i was assigned , it seems when they did the ui rework all the descriptions were forgotten

disregard the tiny score , ive never used either of these weapons lmao

“mouse over it” it will give a description of the various matches.

if your using keyboard to navigate it its why your not seeing the description of the match. you have to use the mouse or the controller joystick, to move the circle over the match I can tell you are not doing that due to lack of circle. over the match icon.

And another… it’s letting me in with a retcher build. I dunno… LOL

Otay… so the Artillery one is simple… crater map & all dual drakes. Kinda’ fun, actually. Nice change of pace. 3 minute wait for matches, though.

EDIT… not just the crater map. Ashen ring, too.

Unlimited ammo & I think they fire a lot faster. Almost instant reload.

The artillery brawl is ridiculous and fun.
I wish the new brawls were more popular, because I’m too impatient to wait in long queues.

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Sooo… do the normal drakes fire this fast? It seems like I had 'em at some point, but my primary account doesn’t show them in history. I don’t remember them being this fast at reloading.

Aaaand… if anyone’s wondering what the brawl is…
Oh, and apologies for the music. I have excellent taste. :clown_face:
Not my best performance, but fun.

it’s just for the brawl…to have fun :crazy_face:
this brawl has been around for a awhile.i like it.

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