Brawl Festival

Brawl Festival in Crossout!


The Brawl festival returns to Crossout in an updated form! This time we have the most beloved brawls from past festivals, and also added a number of new ones. Each brawl will only be active for a few days — don’t miss the opportunity to try out new gameplay styles and share your impressions with us. It’s possible that you will see the most popular modes again as part of the in-game events or even in constant rotation.

Attention! The brawl festival will last from June 15 to July 16 inclusive!

Brawl festival

A total of 10 brawls are planned for the festival (please check availability times directly in the game, each brawl is available for a limited time):


  • Fight on your own armoured car.
  • The impulse from shooting and hits is greatly increased.
  • Respawns after destruction are enabled.
  • The victory is awarded to the team that scored more points in the allotted time for shooting off parts and destroying opponents. The battle ends if one of the teams scores 10,000 points.

“Wheels of fortune”

Familiar battles on preset armoured cars equipped with the minelayer “Fortune”.

“Sudden death”

  • Fight on your own armoured car.
  • The durability of all parts of the armoured car is significantly reduced.
  • Respawns after destruction are enabled.
  • The victory is awarded to the team that scored more points in the allotted time for shooting off parts and destroying opponents. The battle ends if one of the teams scores 10,000 points.
  • The overheat rate of certain types of weapons is increased in this brawl (Tesla emitters, machine guns, autocannons, miniguns).

“Double hit”

  • Fight on your own armoured car.
  • With each volley, weapons fire several consecutive shots instead of one (there are a number of exceptions for which this mechanic doesn’t work: “Clarinet TOW”, “Trigger”, “Destructor”, etc.).
  • Respawns after destruction are enabled.
  • The victory is awarded to the team that scored more points in the allotted time for shooting off parts and destroying opponents. The battle ends if one of the teams scores 10,000 points.


Familiar battles on preset armoured cars equipped with the rocket launchers “Pyre”.

“Deadly football”

  • Just like in the “Steel championship”, your objective is to score more goals than the opposing team and win the match.
  • You participate in the match on your own armoured car.
  • Battles are allowed in this mode. A player from the opposing team rushes to your gates with the ball, and you don’t have time to catch up with him? Try to destroy or at least immobilize him!


Familiar battles on preset armoured cars with guided rockets “Clarinet TOW”.


  • Fight on your own armoured car.
  • Weapons are reloaded extremely quickly (there are exceptions, such as: “Porcupine”, “King”, homing rockets, etc.).
  • Respawns after destruction are enabled.
  • The victory is awarded to the team that scored more points in the allotted time for shooting off parts and destroying opponents. The battle ends if one of the teams scores 10,000 points.


  • Fight on your own armoured car.
  • Objective: chase the patroller and stay as close as possible to him, interfering with the opponents and destroying their cars along the way.
  • Respawns after destruction are enabled.
  • The player who scores the most points at the end of the pursuit, wins the battle. Points are awarded depending on how close you are to the patroller as well as for shooting at opponents (and especially at the current leader).
  • If you are too far away from the patroller, then your armoured car gets destroyed.
  • Along the way you will come across various bonuses. After you pick them up, they will increase the damage you inflict, increase the speed of your car or make it invincible.

“Anomalous zone”

  • Fight on your own armoured car.
  • There are various modifiers scattered across the map that change the rules of the game for all players. The effects of these modifiers can be both positive and negative, and often the benefits depend on the parts mounted on your car.
  • When one of the players picks up the next modifier, it cancels the effect of the previous modifier.
  • Respawns after destruction are enabled.
  • The player who destroys the most enemies at the end of the battle, wins.

Some brawls may include restrictions on the Power score level and parts that can be used on your armoured car. All restrictions can be viewed in the brawl window on the world map.

Special challenge and reward

During the festival, a daily challenge for 2 victories in the current brawl of the festival will be available to you. As a reward, the players will receive the “Strategic reserve” container with resources. Please note that Festival daily challenges are not accumulated if you miss a few days.

We wish you great rest and victories in battles!


My initial impression is that rising their availability is annoying… Well, for someone who doesn’t get to play everyday, it is. I’ll miss most of these. 🫤

Don’t worry, I think they will add new loops later

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Compare what the brawl is, and what it could be.

This would’ve been so much better, and actually fun. (The friend that helped me with the recording of this footage hadn’t used boosted Clarinet cars before. The brawl car’s blueprint is no longer available, but the PvP one is still up.)

This brawl was made by someone who doesn’t care about the weapon. I tried suggesting a better vehicle the last time, but what can I do if they know better, despite having less knowledge of how the game works than the players. And the VIP Elite testers they have are doing a bad job, if they can’t even tell the developers the default settings for the minimap need to be: size Large, scale 1.

The only interesting element of the current form of this brawl is the longer flight time. There is a direct relationship between the Clarinet’s flight time and the hover engines’ top speed, as well as between the former’s turn speed and the latter’s manoeuvrability. Increasing one requires doing the same for the other, with some proportion. With the Icarus VII flying at 90 km/h, the Clarinet needs +4 sec. flight time. Because a hovercraft on VIIs will catch up to the Clarinet pilot’s position faster. The weapon was already underperforming without Hans’ +2 sec. flight time. But that was when the VII’s top speed was 75 km/h. This is the way I see it, as the top Clarinet pilot. And what have they done for the weapon? An option to change the crosshair’s colors.

Also, it seems there’s going to be chaos with having to build new vehicles for a few of the brawls. It’s not bad having players build and learn new things, but completing all the other challenges already takes up a lot of time.

But we already know how these shady developers spend their time at work. :wink:

Spoiler alert!

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I could see that being an issue, least they could have made them stackable, though I usually don’t bother with this fartival

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If there was a duck to be won,or even a unique sticker I might be interested, but the resource crates aren’t enough make me interested.

I don’t usually care for their seasonal brawls, as they seem to always be infused with some level of masochistic game mechanic that offers more frustration than fun, like wobbly un-drivable cars, or a ranking system that penalizes you for playing.

This one looks like it’s arranged for data harvesting to me. If it’s not, then it’s just about pointless. If it is, and they want to get some numbers off of me so they can tweak their game a bit, then they should have spiced up the rewards a little.

Seems like a waste of man-hours, unless it is a push for the developers to gather performance data.

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this is really fun when you get use to it… :kissing_heart:
poor souls…🫣

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Impulse is really fun, though if it ever comes as a more permanent gamemode, which would be nice, they’d need to put a speed cap to the impulse so that triple toadfish builds can’t autokill you based on how fast your car ends up going at max impulse. That and no barriers/shields, stalemate situations with a few builds repeatedly replenishing shields and having things like whirl, tempest, miller and reaper to keep all builds away can make matches a bit boring

But very much fun, makes me wish we had an actual impulse weapon in the game like toadfish in the past

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Indeed. The game itself is boring. Hence most of its problems. When the only good thing going on is the rewards, “the gameplay” has no meaning.

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I’m sort of where Clebardman is with this game, I think; disappointed with Crossout 2.0 Super Charged. I think it sort of sucks.

I used to practically own the “Show Us Your Builds” Thread. For Years I dominated that thread and the one before it (“Daily Builds”). I built all kinds of different stuff and had a ball (on and off) but now I can’t build anything that works. And if it does, it only seems to work for a day, and I don’t know why. I’m always like, “Hooray…aww, this sucks.” Feels like a mind game they’re playing, and I’m very frustrated with it.

Lately I’ve been buying all kinds of new things that I haven’t tried before, and meh. I’m just loosing me arse on the market, and in PVP. Maybe that’s the mind game they’re playing; buy more crap, kid? I might if they didn’t resort to that Crosscrown scam. I ain’t touching that stuff.

I can’t imagine how new players survive. I’m guessing they don’t.

How could they? That screenshot is from PVP (between 6-7K) about 20 minutes ago. neat. At least they were on my team? We probably won, but I didn’t stick around to find out. I just left. I do that a lot these days.

I’m obviously not willing to give up on the game yet, because I’ve had a blast in the past, I know it has been fun, could be fun, but wow, I really don’t know what to do with it anymore. Right now I’m just keeping it simple.

That’s the only pony I have in this race right now; One build. I’ll keep tinkering though. But, I doubt they’ll see any cash from me until I find the basic game (PVP) more enjoyable…or I learn how to enjoy Raids and Patrol?

I never really gave patrol a chance, but now I do it for the daily challenges, and because copper doesn’t look like it’s going down in price now that the daily challenges don’t include raids.
I’ve come to like it as a way to warm up and/or test a new build before going into PVP. I always find it takes me a few matches to find my groove, and patrol is a low pressure way to get there.

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Are you one of the guys we can add to the list of people that don’t play any more but still come to the forum.

I know Clebardman is also currently in that group.

I think I do like it better for copper than Raids. I should maybe go try that. It is very low stress.

I need a new perspective of this game, probably. Patrol might help. I did craft some new Boosters and was considering screwing around in Adventure Mode. Maybe they tore down some invisible walls. I heard they added some destructibles, so I know it’s been tweaked a little. I thought it might be worth a tour.

The last time PVP went through a prolonged period of dysfunction, I entertained myself with rock climbing until it was fixed.

That climb didn’t give me the best screenshot (I wish they’d add sunsets), but it was one of the funnest and most difficult ones to hop into.

My favorite was when CrAzY_TrAiN (sp?) came outta nowhere, Skinner’d me, and flew me to the top of this lone pillar.

I think I’m gonna tool around out there for a while, again.


Yeah. In the past. But, with time, things change. People get wiser (seldom), things show their uglier sides (often). I haven’t had illusions since I’ve learned what this game is in its core and who owns it.

Others may be forgiving in that matter. Not me. I’ve outgrown this childplay with digital phallic contests. Sometimes it’s not about contests itself: when drones and such appear. And the worst part that the contest is not the game itself. Only the window dressing. The real game is trading and all about trading, sometimes crafting instead.

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