Brawls Event/Impulsiveness, First Impressions

Just a couple notes/first impressions for anyone contemplating this mode. (This is not intended to be a complaint thread.)

  1. (Yes I start at 0). It’s a fun mode, sorta like a clan war without the hassle of having to coordinate clan members to be around at a certain time. The only downside is after the first minute, you pretty much know which team is going to win, so the next 3 minutes will either be exciting or a demoralizing drag. Still, after getting the 2 wins for the suitcase of baubles, I’ll play it some more anyway for the fun.

  2. If you’re using wheels, and it’s not a wedge build, go back home.

  3. If you insist on using wheels on a non-wedge build, don’t, and use hovers instead. (I haven’t tried tracks yet). The guys with the screw-shaped wheels (I forget what they’re called at the moment) were slipping all over the place too, I noticed.

  4. Use cannons or crossbows; their damage must have beem trippled. Crossbows one shot me every time, every build I tried, and getting hit by a cannon flips you up and over so you can’t retaliate.

  5. Don’t use millers. The recoil pushes you backwards no matter what, often into pits and away (quickly) from your target. After 2 minutes of trying to get them to work, I spent the last 2 minutes backing against a wall and just sitting there waiting for something to drive in front of me. And no, the damage didn’t seem increased like cannons and crossbows were.

  6. Minimal-recoil weapons like shotguns, destructors, and rockets don’t seem to do increased damage like cannons and crossbows do.

  7. Don’t expect to get rich in plastic. You only get 4 pieces if you win, so if you need plastic, dig through a city garbage can instead.

Please add your own impressions, tips and tricks!

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I wonder if Varuns might be good in this mode?

Crossbows, which I do not have, are super OP. Getting hit by them will send anything you’re driving flying through the air.

I suck with cannons, but they’re pretty good. You’ll want a very stable build. The 1st build I took, which is normally quite stable, was flipping itself.

Pyres… pyres work.

They’re not OP, but yeah…

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Reapers. If you have them, you’ll win.

Triple Toadfish can insta-kill almost any build, not with damage but with impulsing so hard you reach the speed in which you auto-die

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LMBO I was constant cannon fodder from every spawn. Have the toadfish but the increased power flips me on every shot fired. Gave up on this brawl. Easy come, easy go Next time perhaps.

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Varuns didn’t have enough impulse, so I switched to a fatman/king/hadron build and that worked much better. Fast reload meant that I was basically able to keep spiders in the air as if I was juggling them.
Avalanche seems very popular though, so I’ll try that next. Those big shells just send people flying through the air, no matter how heavy they are.

Overall one of the more fun brawls I’ve tried. Very silly.

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Very silly indeed… I hated it at first, but after learning a bit, I’ve come to enjoy it - even when I’m losing. There’s something absolutely hilarious about seeing your rig go flying & spinning… then keep flying & spinning… and keep flying & spinning… LOL

To that point. Reapers & millers are pretty good at keeping your enemy from doing anything productive. The impulse just keeps them from aiming if they’re in a heavy rig, or sends them flying if they’re in a light rig.

Plus, too and also… Big Rams are great.

This is the 1st time I’ve lamented not having crossbows! LOL

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maces are fun… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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WHAT? Okay, dude… ya’ gotta show some video of that. How are you getting close enough to use maces?

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I played about 30 of these battles, tried everything, lost every single time. Not 1 single win. Another mode intended for certain players with weapons I don’t have (crossbows). Done with this brawl fest, not even going to look at the other modes. Oh well, my loss, right.

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id give the other ones a shot , not all will require you to use your own gear

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Do you mean your team never won a match after 30 matches, or you never had the top score?
That is quite the losing streak if it’s the first case, and might just mean there was a very strong squad that you kept getting matched against because there weren’t enough players.
I only played two matches, and we won both, so I collected the prize and went back to PVP.

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I decided to try it before it went away, in case I missed something fun.

Easily the worst brawl they ever made lmao. Bring xbows or get rekt, yeah that’s fun.

Millers or Reapers were great, too… Granted, if a crossbow hit you first, you were in trouble, but you could simply spray them down with millers or reapers & keep them from aiming & maybe send them flying.

Still, the MVPs of every match were running triple crossbows.

The best player I saw had quad-Toads on individual triggers. He was decimating everything he came across.

i was doing alright with a ktm style hulk build on alternate triggers


My cannon build kept flipping itself. :rofl: I finally got a semi-functional build on BigRams, but it sucked.

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i started with prosecutors side by side on same trigger , every shot would make me do a back flip :joy:

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It’s all fun and games until one team gets a Toadfish bot

1 score total for the enemy human players :clown_face: nice brawl

edit: interestingly, the endgame screen shows different values. Maybe you get the score from partly damaged parts at the end of the match?

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