Bring back 1 v 7 matches

I miss the days when Crossout had 8 player brawls for players who didn’t want to play team games.
I’d like to see the old brawls brought back as regular resource missions that rotate every hour.

  • For Example: (hour 1) King of the Hill would be scrap, Free for All would be wires, Storm Warning would be batteries; and at the end of every hour they would rotate. (Hour 2) KOH wire, FFA batteries, SW scrap. Etc…

…and now with Helicopters should provide some interesting and unique builds and battles.

Allowing a single player option, where your reward isn’t based on team performance, would help retain players and help keep the game more interesting by allowing more variety.

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Yes please, bedlam gets boring after awhile.

Hm, maybe because people used to team up in these modes… at least that’s why i stopped playing them.

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Storm warning was my favorite brawl. I liked to fort up behind the ships with Porcs and Kapkans. Back then, if you got Kapkanned you might as well quit.

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