Bring back guaranteed fusion events

I really want them to bring back the guaranteed fusion events (Ravens etc) where you could craft a fused item with 2 normal versions of that item, and possibly some random grind item like talers in the case of ravens

Lately the only way to get a fused item with a guaranteed fusion is either from main battle passes or mini passes, using the forced pass currency like lighters and bearings and all that crap

Honestly those fusion events were way more worth than the random “Only use 2 items to fuse instead of 3 please sink money into our game while you struggle with the fuse lottery”

Sadly I think that they basically only do those kind of events twice a year: one in summer and one around christmas. If I am right there should be a fusion event around july.

They need to just let us pick our fusion during these events. While most may like their option, we should be able to decide what works best for us.