Bring Back Operation: Red Light

Operation Red Light was a fantastic event mode.

It was thrilling trying to outrun the Ravagers while trying to make it to the Founder’s Outpost.

The voice acting was great. Foxy’s voice was good, while the Ravager’s voice was so creepy, it sent chills down my spine when I first heard it. Fantastic work!

The map is well designed and very treacherous looking and a lot of fun.

When the patches were released, this game mode became even better.
It’s a shame this game mode is gone. It’s obvious the devs put a lot of work into it.

I would love to see it added to the Brawl Rotation. Maybe they could add some banners to this brawl as well.


I totally agree, it was one of the funniest game modes they did. but it might’ve been a one-time thing, hopefully not!

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It was a great event. I feel like special events in general are getting better and better. Dronapocalypse has also been really good this time.

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PvE events are awful. Drone Day was just bad.

Bring back any PvP event.

Uh, Operation Red Light was PvP. It was like a game of Infection. If a Ravager touched you, you instantly died and spawned as a Ravager.

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Also bring back ashen ring event too, that was the most useful event ever in the whole crossout history.

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I actually liked the pve ravagers Christmas one. It was a bit too easy but I like the alarm summons, patrol bots, and stuff.

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I played it only once. I didn’t care for it. I’m pretty picky about the Modes that I will play.
I’m willing to grind a mode if I like the rewards from them (I really like my paints)
Operation Red Light is the only mode I kept playing after I got the rewards I wanted from the Mode.
I got a good laugh from the Silliness from the cars during the Crossout day event though.

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