Bring back the old handbrake :///

That is not an improvement. How are you supposed to accelerate now when just before you had to twitch the brakes? How are you supposed to drive in tight places with the Levi?

I think this is the least of their concerns.

The game should never be balanced based off Levi Wars.


I very much agree. I think I was crying about this very issue yesterday…but not in regards to Leviathans. I used the hand-brake exploit as a way to fake down-shifting in a car game with no transmission feature.

My understanding for the reason it was spoiled, is because some perks, dependent on forward travel to charge, were being misread, and mis-rewarded bonuses, because the game can’t tell if you’re moving or not.

I don’t know what the solution is, and I don’t expect one. I think it’s a bummer. It really harshed my gig, and I wish it could be un-done.

I’m undecided so far. It felt like after the 2.0 update, the speed burst after releasing handbrake was making it harder to control than previously. So I had to relearn my handbrake techniques. Now things have changed again, so I’m relearning again. So far I’m not having too much trouble, as long as I remember to just tap it rather than holding it.
I think I need a few weeks to really make up my mind.

Anyway, we need a transmission module.

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I’m not sure we can spare anymore buttons on our control interface. Where would we put such a feature?
I was fine with how it was, but some kids were exploiting it in an unfair way with a perk, I guess. I really don’t think wheels needed to take another hit like that, and I think it hurts.

Perks, fusion, and Crosscrowns: three things I don’t like about this game…and the matchmaker makes four.

I thought you kept your cars stripped down without any sci-fi modules? How are you running out of buttons?
I have some builds where I have to be strategic about doubling up some things on a single trigger, but I’m also more likely to be playing above 10kPS than you, and more interested in using some gadgets.

I’m not, but I think it’s been sort of maxed out where other players are concerned, isn’t it? I do remember people complaining about a lack of controller buttons when the new controller system came out, but ya, IDK.

I, myself, probably have options, but it was very convenient for me to just hit the space bar to down-shift and drag me arse, dropping to a suddenly slower speed to take closer aim at my targets, and then darting off. It gave me the illusion of having a variable transmission, and I miss it a good deal.

I hear you on that, but that move didn’t seem to work so well after the big update.
I’m going to keep asking for a transmission. Make it cost an energy point and it makes buttons less of an issue, since they’ll have to give up a module to use it.

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I like your electric engine idea too.


Am I the only one who barely uses/used the handbrake to stop and just presses the reverse (S key)?

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Your not the only one.


Before the update and now, I use normal brake for stopping, and handbrake for forcing skids for tighter turns.
I will say that lately I’ve been feathering the acceleration (this may not work as well on PC) to keep control while turning, while in the past I might tap the handbrake lightly.

I’m curious if the people having trouble with handbrake since 2.0 are players who use all ST wheels? Those builds were greatly changed with 2.0, but it made me happy because now I can drive those builds more like my usual ones.

I am curious about that too, which even when I was a new player never used all ST wheels.

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I almost never use non-st wheels.

Not me. The Hand-Brake exploit I was using didn’t allow for that. I’d have to use non-steering wheels for the back and steering wheels for the front. Typically I’d only use four, but for six wheels, I think St-wheels for the front and back with non-st wheels in the middle would work too, but I don’t remember, and I haven’t really played in weeks. I installed the game and played a couple hours last Saturday, I think, then un-installed again and haven’t played since.

Even before I discovered the exploit, I would use the same wheel arrangement because it allowed for more natural control, tighter turns, and handling more common to actual cars.

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