Buff Breaker - Balance

New perk
Increase the time until the weapon overheats by 100% pls




Do you realize that a new perk would make the breaker the worst shotgun in the game?
If you don’t realize how this is a nerf then i don’t thin there is hope for crossout.

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LOL no.

Buff breaker pls

100 % it’s too much.yes , i realize.

No. Leave breaker where it is.

Relic owners wanting easymode games where they delete people by looking at them, as usual.



Current we have 2 relic which are literally worse than epic weapons, the ripper, and the typhoon…

I’m not saying that they should “instantly destroy enemies” but the fact that they are so bad that you are better by using an part of epic rarity just makes them not worth the price; they should be atleast be on par with legendarys

I’m playing with a Typhoon mate, it’s definitely not worse than epics >_>

Ripper is crap, will get buffed tho. It just got released.

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Gotta disagree with typhoon. Last buff was pretty big and has them back in high level CW

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I’m yet to be beaten by a typhoon player since the buff;

honestly, I’ve only seen a singular typhoon player since the buff, and as soon it went in ny view i just destroyed it with a singular kaiju volley;

It was always “easy” to deal with typhoon players, even on times of the stun perk, you just needed enought team cordination, even on that time, i was able to take out 3 out of the four typhoon players while only using two fat-mans on a meatgrinder echo brick using gasgen with nothing upgraded…

Typhoons never ever had good stats, their damage is comparable to lesser epics, while having high accuracy, projectile speed, and impulse(impulse was removed from it a long time ago already) it fell short on damage and blast radius, durability and weight, and horrible welding points compared to other fixed cannons(it is the only fixed angle cannon with no side welding points);

The things that made it “good” were the impulse and perk, with both of these gone it just became a worse scorpion with no penetration…

Most vehicles can just degun, crippe, or destroy a typhoon build before it reacts, or while it reloads…
Most weapons have high enough single shot damage/DPS that they can disable a typhoon build.

A lot of weapons today just so what the typhoon does but better, it no longer has a “unique purpose”

The reason people still use Typhoons in high leagues is simple, cordination, and the fact it is a relic; if everyone is using relics, the chance of something that instantly counter typhoons is lower, firebug, flash, and punisher are the only things that the typhoon is totally useless against, instead of multiple epics and legendarys.

Dude, Typhoons just got a penetration buff. The typhoons are actually pretty dangerous now, throughout the weekend’s CW session’s I’ve seen plenty of them and getting shot by an Icebox Typhoon is no joke. And since they have the highest projectile speed and the flattest trajectory of all cannons in the game, they should probably deal a bit lower damage to compensate for their ease of use. And since the Typhoons shots have a debuff effect, effectively lowering their opponents’ DPS, I’d say they’re fine.

And getting eaten by melees isn’t exclusive to Typhoons at all, but since they’re used on hovers so much, they’re the ones that actually deserve it for their S+M1 tactics ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Nah, breakers are just verifiably in the trashbin right now.

They’re outperformed by multiple legendaries and epics.

As I said in another thread, that’s why I bought a set recently-ish. Nowhere to go but up. :slight_smile:

That said? The uh… perk suggestion is crap, that’d be worse than the currently crap perk it has. XD

There are two buffs that must be done in the breaker
1.-New perk
2.- Increase the time until the weapon overheats by 100%

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Uh no.

i was always able to take down alot of builds with my typhoons due to my aim. i been able to strip punishers most of the time before they could even get one of my cannons off, the only things they suffer greatly from are yes punishers but also things like sparks / flash, fire builds, breakers / shotguns in general and high dps things like reapers and arbiters. though for arbiters a well placed shot can take out 2 or more guns in a single volley.