Buff Breaker

Buff breaker pls

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they took away too much range, but the damage I think is fine that way, once you get close almost nobody resists

Its a close range weapon.the range is fine on the breaker.

They need to change the perk


LOL how bout no?
the breaker is broken enough as is. we dont need it being the most broken shotgun in the game. its a shotgun, its supposed to be close range, not mid range. if you want something mid range use a mammoth.

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If anything do not increase breakers range. Also I say no to buffing them in any way.

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you say that before being nerfed shotguns had the same range as a mammoth? I insist, reduce 40% the range was too much, to 20 would have been fine

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it was a joke Gus lol
i was being sarcastic xD

breaker is ok how it is not op not bad

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Breaker is trash right now. Why I bought a set. Nowhere to go but up.

Buy firebugs

¨ RN Seal: Reduced the effectiveness of the module when combined with shotguns. ¨

It hits breakers a lot and halves their stacked damage with the upgrade they made. Not the same for high ps.
The relic is doing poorly playing on high ps.
Also a new perk to the breakers pls
Balance the breaker pls

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its good with booster breaker but anything else is bad