Buff enlightenment

I may have the name wrong. Either way, this has to be the least used and meaningful part in the game. It needs a buff.

First, make it fully activate the harvester perk. In testing it, I had cery erratic perk activation.

2nd, allow it to work for the duration of the reload time. It can be shot off, by the victim or his mates, so it isnt that big of a deal.

What else can be done? I still dont see it being worth 1 energy. Any other suggestions to make it worth considering its use? Maybe a 10% speed and/or power nerf?

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No one played this thing. Something needs fixed for sure.

I think this is a great idea. I don’t use it because it doesn’t last long enough.


They should make it have a built in radar even if it’s a fairly short range you need both to make it work right now.


I didn’t even know what part you were talking about & figured you were clueless. LOL

I was clueless…

I’ve never even noticed this part in the game. Didn’t know it existed. :clown_face:

I skipped that battle pass, and it’s at the very far end of the tech tree. I’ve never seen it in the game. What a stupid part! LOL


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Other than a few bots in patrol that use them, I hardly ever see them used.

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I’ve probably been hit with one & didn’t even realize it. :rofl:

It just beeps for a few seconds and you can’t cloak then it pops, since it doesn’t do any damage it’s almost un-noticeable unless your actively trying to cloak.

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You’re not alone, I was like whats that, even though I have one haha

I wouldn’t say stupid maybe lack luster and forgettable :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t even know bots use them

So it’s like a knock off microwave then?!

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I have seen this only a few times in battle, and on homing missile builds, only to troll someone into using their cloak prematurely

To make it actually useful in battle I’d suggest making it permanent, if it attaches to an enemy build it’ll stay there until it is shot off or the part it is attached to is shot off. Or if the one using the enlightenment shoots another one, then the previous one pops automatically. Then it could be considered an actual counter to cloaks like it is supposed to be, currently it is extremely ignorable and does not last long enough to make any difference over a lot and I mean a lot of better 1 energy costing parts you can run instead of this thing.


One of the biggest effects is to interfere with the opponent through the dripping sound, not the anti-stealth thing

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

that it’s the only thing that thing does right.
vultures wished that.


IMO, that thing has no traction between the players because the most of us don’t give a damn about concealment, it’s a thing that is just there.
What it does, other modules do it better by doing a permanent thing. (showing the red dots in the map).
I had a couple of enlightenment attached in my builds here and there… and what for?
I don’t use either chameleon.
it seems to be a counter to some specific cabs, could be useful against some type of builds, lancers may be one of them.
could be a poor man’s type of module but something must change free energy or lose that drone like thing.

I need to make a build with 16 of these things just because :wink: lol


They can actually shoot in a complete circle if you try hard enough.

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I’ll give you all the :woman_in_tuxedo: :woman_in_tuxedo: :woman_in_tuxedo: Honeys you could ask for and throw in a juice box for fun!

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