Buff Flutes

Remove their red lasers and change their perk so you can force detonate them with increased blast radius and damage, and a sooner reload.

These weapons are just not useful against mobile players, or helicopters.

make them like a TOW,you guide it with your camera. :crazy_face:

Flutes took a big hit from the supertarded update, thanks to the new camera angle you no longer can properly guide them as well as before and they became far less nimble, especially at longer distances. you generally could guide them to an enemy or chase after a moving enemy but now your own build and the “upgraded” camera angles just gets in the way so bad and you can’t see at all where you are firing, leaving no room for any kind of precise shooting and not being able to take full advantage of the perk as you don’t want to be flying and guiding these rockets rather than just hoping you have a straight line of sight to an enemy. No more getting satisfying tricky shots behind covers and hills or chasing after moving players because your own build gets in the way so badly.

Them having lasers is just stupid to begin with, because even if you have the skills the game just gives the guy every chance to avoid you.

i think your not getting the point here that this is AN EVENT, ITS NOT PERMANENT.

while i do agree with this they are GUIDED ROCKETS for a reason.

sure lets make them like the hurricanes to, maybe give them increased flight speed and can track you even while invisible. oh and let them hit through walls! everyone loves ghost missiles! and even have them be unaffected by sparks and defensive modules to! :crazy_face:

why not an instant reload? gotta keep them rockets flying out, everyone loves rockets after all! :smiley:

No make the tow like the flutes but with higher damage, hell make the tow a ledgendary flute 5 energy can have multiple and get much much more damage.

Red laser supposed to be that kind what opponent dont see!
It is stupid own way if we exposing us with red laser and enemy know now come to near us which are our eakness already.

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Lasers are a cool thing give a great opportunity!

Flutes were pretty OP when they were first introduced. I don’t think the laser is the problem, they were just over nerfed. Give them back some of that original impulse and damage and they’ll be strong again.

I tried 5 of them and they hit hard but flutes are the opposite of cheating, literally everybody knows you are trying to use them, where you are, all while you gotta sit there and focus on hitting the guy who sees it coming 10s into the future. They will never be strong without being more overpowered than dusk pyres were unless they lose the lasers.
World of tanks used to have massive cheating problems with people installing mods that projected lasers from players barrels years ago.

More like revert a bunch of the flute changes and nerfs.

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