Buff Meatgrinders, Omni-wheels and Tracks

Right now in CW the only viable movement parts are Epic Wheels / Bigram / Blue Hovers.

Would be nice to see some variety by buffing underperforming movement parts, instead of always nerfing the good ones.
Omni-wheels should receive a power drain buff,
and Meat grinders also receive a power drain buff and extra melee resistance.
Tracks and ML-200 fire resistance buff.


Omnis main problem (tho not in CW) is the extremely high PS price IMO. I find them okayish in CW

Adding more melee resists to augers wouldn’t make them better movement parts but better bumpers. They’re already used pretty much exclusively as bumpers.

Agree on the ML 200 fire resist buff.

Do not buff small tracks please.


power and melee resistance are not what makes the meatgrinders bad

that relatable moment when the developers remove all other tracks ingame and the only one still existant are small trakcs:

Let omni accelerate like hovers. Also diagonal movement shouldn’t accelerate more slowly than straight forward or sideways.

Meatgrinders need to be able to thrive with heavy builds, not 2 grinder builds. Their top speed is fine, they just need a big acceleration buff.

Heavy tracks…no idea what can be done to make them CW worthy…I just accept the fact that they won’t be. Any suggestions?

MLs need a speed buff and maybe a but more resistance buffs…virtually no reason to use them over bigrams right now.

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Meatgrinders need to have their old handling back.

Ideas for ML-200:

  1. Higher top speed
  2. Crushing damage
  3. Made unmovable or unwedgeable
  4. Accuracy bonus

Armored Tracks:
Higher Tonnage
65 KPH top speed


I like all these suggestions, but I would prefer a melee damage buff for augers than a melee resistance buff. They should be more functional as weapons.
I definitely think omnis and augers should drain less power.
Fire resist would help tracks and legs a lot, but I also think legs should be able to resist pushing more.

Suggestion regarding omnis and augers, that would (hopefully) partially solve the dreadful accel with multiple inputs: Power drain reduced by 25% for every additional input direction (-25% for diagonal movement, or turning+moving, and -50% for trying to do everything at once)

Regarding tracks, I’m pretty convinced big parts with lots of dura NEED heating resist these days. Tracks could be a fair place to start, with something like -15-20% heating rate for tank tracks and armored tracks, and -25-30% for goliaths.

Augers desperately need their old handling back because they had a real niche, they were by far the most CQC adept movement parts because they were almost like a tankier hover that had brakes and more rigid travel directions. The reason why the old augers did not work with more than 2 is because they used to have 2 contact patches each that applied their own movement forces. When you have more than 1 auger on your side, these drums are alternating and they cancel eachother out when doing certain maneuvers. This could have been fixed if targem added 2 new augers that are split into front and rear with a single drum only.
ML200’s need literally nothing. If it weren’t for hovers and bigrams they would literally walk all over everything else. They turn in place faster than anything can circle them, they tank extremely well, they are very tall which is a huge advantage in CQC. They need nothing at all except more balanced maps that don’t revolve around caps.
Tracks imo need a speed buff and a durability nerf. They have a comical excess of durability and no ability to keep up with the team. The way I see tracks is as wheels that can neutral steer with a lot of grip, extra dura, and very very good stability and suspension for shooting guns accurately at speed over bumps. An Icebox with an Oppressor should easily send armored tracks up to 65/70km/h. But it shouldn’t be as much of an impenetrable brick at frame height.

The best buff that augers, Omnis, and legs could get without buffing them to perform like what everybody complains about is to nerf hovers and bigrams because Bigrams have completely replaced legs in CW, they are dead. Hovers before that obsoleted ML200s, there’s no contest. If Hovers and Rams disappeared tomorrow ML200s would be the go to meta for ranged weapons. They do not need any buffs at all. People want to forget the 3-4 legged low PS sidespiders that are only kept in check by hovers and dogs. And you want that 2400 movement part HP brick chasing you at 55-60km/h while never showing you anything but the side it wants to show you?

So FurryBeaver is in the "nerf everything " camp.

Devs, it is clear the masses want more parity/options for movement parts. It should also be clear the vast majority are in favor of BUFFING lesser parts, not nerfing good movement parts.

Meatgrinders actuallly used to work like that before omni wheels were added, it is a know fact that the current ML 200 still act that way too

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Ye buff meet grinder. Dev should did it but totally glitch when you hv more than 2 auger

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Omnis and small tracks are cw worthy.