Buff meatgrinders!

THEY SUCK. THEY ARE UNUSABLE. THEIR STEERING RADIUS DOUBLED WHEN YOU “FIXED” THEM AND THEY LOST ALL THEIR ACCELERATION WHEN PRESSING MULTIPLE INPUTS. They have ZERO ability now with all the grip, durability, and cornering abilities that every single fast build now has.

This is because the logic controlling them is wrong. You can still have them segmented in pairs and have them move in full for triples and up dependent on overlaps.

Dude stfu you have no idea what you are talking about. The current augers are trashed because Targem couldn’t bother to add two new ones with a single drum to make the large build auger crowd happy. Instead they had to go and replace their entire movement code with the Omni’s which made them hopelessly sluggish with a doubled turning radius.


Those changes actually give no benefit at all to 4 or 4+ auger builds, they made them worse as well, all those changes were just “nerf nerf” for me…

Also, can we get the auger hitbox change reverted as well?

Idk man. I mean I dont use meatgrinders often. However my highest mvp rate on a build is my 10k dual meatgrinder. It’s just a win farmer. So I can’t agree with you. Meatgrinders can do great things.

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I drive 4 of them often…

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Four auger builds are much better now. Dual auger builds aren’t as exciting to drive anymore, but are still quite useable and much more stable now.
Light/medium dual auger builds with golden eagle are still quite maneuverable, and reverse mode allows us to do moves that were impossible to execute smoothly before.
Do I miss some of the old handling? Occasionally, but overall I prefer the current handling. I would like less power drain, or more tonnage, or less mass. Any of those could make them a lot more useable for more players.
Also, combine two augers with some omniwheels and you can do things that are impossible with either. Huge acceleration boost when combining strafe and gas/reverse at the right angle, which is very fun to use against dogs and other close range builds.

In conclusion: yes augers could use a buff, but they are not broken (unless you refuse to update your builds and driving style).

You don’t need to, “lifting” the rear underside of any auger or omini build has the same effect without mixing either, and it will 100% of the time happen as long as you are going at exact 45 degrees diagonally.

Sure, but tilting with Omniwheels means you can get some more tonnage on a dual auger build, and you don’t need to worry about any of the weirdness that happens when structure pieces are dragging. Using any other movement part for the tilt means you have to give up strafing.