Buff Nidhogg and Jormungandr (still not viable)

Hello, i play with Jormungandr and Nidhogg shotguns for a moment now and i’m disappointed that those shotgun are still not viable to play at the moment.

The main problems of those two shotguns is their size and their low health according to that size. They are way too easy to aim and shot, so we loose them so quickly. Also, both shotguns also suffer a lot against space armored builds.

Let’s talk about the Jormungandr Perk : The idea is nice, however it’s not heating enough parts, and against spaced armor build it’s not effective at all. It’s overall damage with the heat is also not enough for a shotgun of this size, and the nidhogg will do much more damage while used with jomungandr or a trombone. I find strange that 3 Jormungandr is less strong than 1 Jormungandr and 2 Nidhogg and i’m not sure if it’s intended that way.

Here is few solutions to buff the two shotguns Nidhogg and Jormungandr :

  1. Reduce the model size of the weapons, or significantly increase their health. Such close range weapons of this size cannot survive long enough to be viable currently.

  2. Make both shotguns armor piercing shells so they are more effective against space armor wich is commonly used in the game, this should also make the Jormungandr perk heat more parts and be more effective.

  3. Reduce the cost energy from 4 to 3 for both shotguns.

I feel like the Jarg is supposed to be used in conjunction with other weapons (Mainly Nidhoggs) but I do agree that them being shot off too easily because of it’s size doesn’t feel comfortable or nice when using the pair but I think that might just be a trade off of using such a weapon, think of it as a balancing act, Maybe they can give it some more HP but who knows, Although I full heartedly agree that the Jarg’s flame shot should heat up more part’s considering it’s a bloody blunderbuss spewing dragon’s breath everywhere in front of it.

The Combination of Jarmungar with Nidhoggs in my experience has been pretty decent though.

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Errrmmmmm, no. They kick bottom and slap boobies. Just take a look.

Neither need a buff :slight_smile:

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Nodhog jormunger combo builds are a real threat now. I cant say I think they need a buff. Because I don’t.

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Those video show a guy using way higher tier weapon in low tier battles, with not such experienced players… It’s not really a good proof of the weapon effectiveness. In high tier battle for exemple you will get strip so quick before you can do your kills.

Using Jormungandr or Nidhogg against others Legendaries or Relic weapons opponents is not the same at all… Also in clan war they wont stand a chance.

“buhu, my weapons got stripped, buhu” - yeah, welcome - thats how shotguns (may their mothers love them as other players do) work on any other reasonable weapon. In general - in XO you have a canon (high durability) sledgehammer (apparently has no hitbox and is cursed by god and satan alike) or you lose weapons within 5 seconds of seeing a shotgunner (may their shoes never fit). So just enjoy this experience as we do.

Not the only weapon that might be too big while not having enough durability to justify it…
At least it can fight back.
Look at Spike for an example. It suffers from all the problems you’ve noted, but worse, and has more.

That’s Crossout in just a few words.

Seeing as they just said in the resent stream they want to remove this gameplay style that comes with shotguns being the meta yeah… doubt it will happen.

Lately I’ve been getting killed by Nidhoggs relatively often. Not sure if it’s because of the recent buff, or just that there are some skilled players using them lately.

Most likely skilled players, if you die by a weak weapon it is most likely a person who has done the gameplay equivalent of 1 kick 10,000 times.

They just want to make the vehicles slower for strategic location, doesnt mean those shotgun has to stay weak.

If they make gameplay slower then while playing nidhogg and jormungandr you will loose your weapons before you even get into the enemy (wich already happen…) There is no reason to play Jormungandr rather than a good Firebug, at least firebug you have guaranteed good damage without loose your weapons.

Part of us is that I usually ignore Nidhoggs until more dangerous enemies are dealt with. Or because I’m playing Parsers, and forget that at close range they lose to Nidhoggs.

I can’t remember, did their range get increased? Or was it a damage buff?

Nids got a damage buff

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