Buff thunderbolt

About a year ago, the Thunder was a relatively powerful weapon, and after a single change that only targeted it, it became relatively balanced, but the next changes reduced the heat dissipation bonus for all shotguns.At this time, Thunder is relatively weak, and the next updated OMMORI allows Hammerfall and Breaker to get good strength, but because of the 4 energy drain, it is difficult for Thunder to have strength, resulting in Thunder’s current weakness.

They really should just lower the energy to 3 on it, so it lines up with the mace better. i.e direct upgrade without needing to change hardware configs.

Why not just lower everything to 1 energy. Then you can have whatever you want…

Hello PatentPending, Why I am lost my energy every time or loss very time my energy.

I wouldn’t go that far but from looking at the tech tree for years It makes me wonder how it ever ended up at 4 energy in the first place. When they introduced the mace it made a clear lineage of 3 energy small shotguns that all do moderate damage.

I wouldn’t say the same thing about Hammerfall and Breaker as they’ve always seemed way different in both perk and damage rate. Though the breakers perk does fit slightly better in line with the other shotguns in comparison to hammerfall’s stun effect perk. I wouldn’t mind seeing a high damage 5 energy automatic shotgun line developed down from them though too. They just seem like a different core concept.

I would also probably move the 2 existing nailguns into the shotgun catagory though too as it would increase their popularity and usage in dailies. Not to mention that their charge mechanics and energy draw are very similar to Parser’s already.