Buff Typhoon

Its trash.

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Typhoon and fixed cannons in general are very underwhelming. They should get a damage buff.

One caveat though. There should be a severe accuracy debuff when moving at high speeds. This should prevent hovers from peak shooting enemies from behind cover.


Like that wobbling garbage its not enough accuracy debuff?

What do you expect while playing typhoons? Stand in front of the enemy and wait to get stripped?

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He expects the game to realize you don’t strap 120mm guns to stupid flyers?

yeah, allot of people I’m playing with say tsunamis are better now, they are lighter, their perk works better on hovers now, so for hovers it is kind of a no brainer to just use tsunamis, it is nice to see that all cannons got a buff they now ignore space armor to a degree, if the bullet damage destroyers the first thing it touches the bullet will penetrate, or at least the blast damage will penetrate, exploding on the next thing it touches, so the blast damage has penetration meaning it will explode deeper in any vehicle and cause more damage, it is a big nerf to those big slow spaced armor spiders anyway keep playing with them you might start to enjoy them now

Did you craft already any legendarys or after 3yr of playing still sitting on epics? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I probably have more relics than you do, and I can use them on all my cars (^:

Owns most relic paints :sunglasses:

Good luck with it playing cw :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It hardly matters, the bloom on cannons from moving with hovers is still low enough to land hits every single time on CW sized targets.

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