Buff Wheels

I think every one of us can agree on this…


I don’t.

They don’t need to buff wheels. They need to fix the meshing of objects and terrain though so it dosen’t act like an electromagnet esp if you just glance something like a building especially when it should be just a glance off and not the standard you came within a foot of a corner so you get snagged on invisible whatever and loose all power and then need to back up and even that will toss you ride to one side or another if not just slam you back into the same object

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Wheels are pretty dominant in most of the PVP I play these days, except maybe high PS.
I think wheels are currently strong (and I have always played mostly wheels).

lmao wheels are dominant in pvp because most of the top 30 clans dont even run pvp… And, if they do, they run their “fun builds”…

They Need to buff them you mean?

I haven’t played any clan wars in quite a while, but I always see people on the forums complaining about flamethrower rush teams. Are those no longer popular?
Regardless, the game should not be balanced around the wishes of the small handful of players in the top30 clans.

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Thats exactly why wheels need to be buffed… its all hovers and spider in top 30…

I’ll have to take your word for that. Does that mean the people on the forum complaining about dogs are making it up?

Unfortunately, the devs seem to disagree…

Those are the people who want to play their hovers and spiders like the top 30 guys but cant so they blame dogs… OR they are salty… one way or the other the FACTS are that Hovers and Spiders RULE top 30 and have for a long long time…

Did you hear, they already have a plan for wheels.

The game is going to be made slower.

Aside from dogs this is the entire issue with movement part balance.

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I haven’t played cw in like 2 months. But I find it hard to believe in that time firedogs have become non existent in diamond. I call bs. If hovers are dominant and you run in to a hover heavy team, then if you switch to firedogs your going to pwn them, unless you suck at using firedogs. So if people aren’t pulling out firedog builds or Lance harvester dogs vs hover teams, then they’re just idiots. And I know people aren’t all idiots.

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hes on some very nice drugs at least every top 30 clan uses 2 dogs 2 scorp hovers idk what this guy is on probably another rust player crying

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I mean I would love for my favourite movement part to get a buff, but I really don’t see any reason for it. Wheels are performing better for me now than they ever have before.

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