BUFF yaoguai!

Is joke? Epic gun what cant craft , with hardcore weight , 1400PS and dmg worst then dusk cabin or any passive melee hit?


Ever kid with spark can kill drone in milisecond without he know their possition … lmao!

I actually do pretty good with these. Actually found them too easy, so sold the ones I’d crafted.
Now I’m using my remaining BP yaoguai with the two BP vultures and performing well with them (at least by my standards).
There are some tricks to using these types of drones well, but if you’ve played turrets much it’s not hard to adjust.
Either focus on supporting and covering your teammates, or ditch your team and wreak havoc behind the enemy lines.
Most important is to be fast. You don’t want to expose yourself, and you don’t need to. I use the drift cabin to boost my damage, and you can definitely inflict some pain.

lmao i no want discuss about tactics but about total unbalanced trash …
Too big
Too heavy
Too slow
Too weak
Too low dmg
Too hight PS

Stupid laser what mark possition. … Mega trash gun what have good potencial

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I’m just saying that if you can’t score well with these in PVP, you are doing it wrong.
Even in my current vulture/yaoguai build, the single yaoguai is doing a lot of the damage.
If you don’t feel like learning how to use them, sell them and use something you like. They definitely don’t need a buff.

Are you blind? :smiley: Forced EU only = full comunist enemy side + look match
After minute full team dead vs comunist heroes, covered by gajin cheat.

all is wrong in this game i remember fun if game start .-…
2018 kill game
2020-2022 hmm
2024 dead end

yea 10k match ,… real players- ------ I dont have who covering, insta dead impotents after start

Maybe post some video, and we could tell you what you’re doing wrong.
Or is this thread more about matchmaking being unfair to you?

Bro i try show how PS vs DMG are scammed. … what want see if my team is killed in first minute? 90% of all match? I know how use guns, im here from first day release but this is my seccond acc, primary targeting to backside enemy line same moment when my team attack other …

heh no, i want trigger many peoples and push all spam same thing. BUFF BUFF BUFF

Here’s a build I threw together in five minutes when I first unlocked Vultures. It’s not a good build, but still performed well:

Here’s me being a jerk with a better version of that build:

And here’s another clip of that same build:

Keep in mind that I am an average player at best, and these are all art builds. Another player with some real skills and a better build should be able to perform much better than me.

OMG console :smiley: hahah autoaim system with different system matchmaking and many other … sorry but this is waste compare

Matchmaking is the same (except less players per team, which actually makes these drones harder to use), and if aim assist has any impact, it would make it easier for enemies to shoot my drones down.

Maybe you’re just not as good at drones as you think you are?

haha, will you ever learn poony? maybe talk about the hover bobs again, in before you realize controlling hovers is pretty hard for you. or argue about aimassist when you dont even notice it when its literally aiming for you without any input. maybe make a pc account and see for yourself instead of screaming into the void for eternity.

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excelent balance 10k match

Looks to me like the gun is fine, it’s just your team that’s not very good.
But hey, I’d be happy if this drone got buffed, since it’s one of the only AI weapons that is actually fun to play. Seems to me that your problem is with matchmaking.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but you seem like a fun guy.

Well you practically are a support/siege unit, its kinda expected for you to be the last to die in any given context due to the positioning that your gun requires, also i dont know what the hell does the gateways have anything to do with the topic at hand.

Are we really speaking about autoaim, when discussing DARN drones, and as poony said, while they migh have a smaller population compared to pc, MM is similar and almost technically the same, and in my oppinion has a more apropiate type of build for the yao’s, since with that he can shoot while moving really effectively.

The classic placement which is the one used by Darken, does give them a higher resistance, but it also makes them harder to shoot, imo. Idk if this topic is about an asking for a buff for the yao’s or someone asking for better MM, is a mostly random, PVP system, which is what im seeing. As poony said, we need video footage to see how are you using the yao’s to see if its a problem with your team, or a problem with OP’s skill, but idk.

What the hell has this to do with the topic we are arguing???

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Friend yes, i play heavy support, primary helping attack heavy target or much better… if my squad attack enemy, i put drones to backside. … here is problem with total trash balance, my team is 90% times dead under one minute … i know where is problem, but this idiot developer scam peoples if select EU only… I forcing EU, i want EU only … is standard if developer is rus, will support russians. …

This gun need buff too
Too big
Too heavy
Too slow
Too weak
Too low dmg
Too hight PS

Gid gud
That drone is in fact the most OP drone in the game…