Buff Yokozuna

I know devs saw the thread on previous forum. It is time to remind them that we are still waiting…


I’d love to see a buff but in the meantime can I open up the topic of:

What movement parts does it work well on?

Meat grinders (questionable)

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I think it’s way more usable now that other cabs (especially Echo) got their speed reduced. BUT… It’s also still kinda unimpressive compared to Cohort, and potentially now Ermak. Annoying shape, average stats, and underwhelming perk when compared to some others.

I’d still like to see its perk geting buffed one way or another. At least increased duration/reduced cooldown. And a Syndicate co-driver with a Jannabi/Yoko perk would be nice too.

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I kind of agree with you that it feels like an upgraded and ignored trucker cab. It still does work on somethings even though I wish it was working on more.

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I like it best with wheels. I feel like I can get more out of the perk with wheels.
Having said that, the only build I’ve come up with is a quad lacerator melee truck. Pushes people around real good, and does nice ramming damage.

There are a couple of things that could be done:

  1. Increase speed by 5 KPH
  2. Buff Mass Limit: I find the Yokozuna’s mass limit to be abnormally low for a legendary heavy cabin. I think it should have an extra 1000-2000 KG for mass limit.
  3. Make the perk work like Cohort’s.

I use them with Hardened Tracks.

Ways to improve the perk:

  1. The ability to apply the drone to one’s own vehicle.
  • Applying the drone to oneself extends the perk’s duration for 13 seconds, for a total perk duration of up to 26 seconds.
  • When the bonus from the cabin overlaps with applying the drone to onseself, the bonus is doubled. so you can either get 2 x 13 = 26 seconds, or, e.g. 1 second after activating the perk apply the drone to yourself, which will result in the bonus being doubled for 12 s., followed by 1 s. of the regular bonus from the drone.
  • Or, alternatively, have the perk activate without the drone by default, either with twice the bonus for 13 seconds, or the current bonus for 26 seconds. Pressing the perk button a second time would release the drone which could be applied to a teammate’s vehicle, at the same time correspondingly reducing the power or duration of your bonus.
  1. Changing the way the perk recharges, e.g. to driving a certain distance. Which could be buffed with Bigfoots.
  2. Having the perk grant immunity to all slow-down or power draining effects, as well as the Kapkan.

These solutions would create new ways of and scenarios for using the perk. In its current state, it’s too weak, as well as the way it works is too simplistic. It’s a unique perk that has a potential for enhancing the user’s experience in various aspects, not just by tweaking its numerical values.