Helicon could use a buff. Relics shouldn’t feel like garbage. Too much time and money spent on this stuff. So useless in raids too. Makes the whole game feel like a Scam.

I agree a buff is needed but I dont get the “scam” vibe. It wasnt like you couldnt test them in exhibition before buying. And I say that as someone that lost 10k on buying and then selling them.

I have said it multiple times, it needs a strong projectile speed buff and the perk needs to be distance based, not time based.

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Buff CC-18 Typhoon

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So 300 uranium is too much but 600 not?

And you just needed it for Raids? …

They do not need change, they do many damage depend on enemy build. They are just not for Raids.

yes… yes… buff, nerf, buff, nerf lol

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Helicons don’t feel like garbage to me, but there are only a few builds that you can use them on. I believe that a fast hover build, either Beholder, Kami or Griffon is best. I’m sure other builds will come out of the woodwork.

I agree that they arent garbage…but i would prefer use crickets. That shouldnt be. As relics, helicons need a buff

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