Buffing Fuzedrones and nerfing botting

After playing a couple PvP games with a botter, and reading Azzazel’s complaints about Fuze drones here, I came up with a solution to buff Fuze drones while making them worthless as botting weapons (as you might know, they’re the best botting weapon rn).

Suggestion: Don’t let them detonate automatically. Instead, make them detonate when the player manually destructs them by holding the fire button. In exchange, buff them across the board, while keeping in mind their new use (mostly blast radius and activation time, maybe some melee resist to not make them too frustrating to use to)


I always thought fuse drones need to work like Annihilator drone and the user should have to target the enemy.

This would buff the drone because you could control the target but also nerf bot players because they would have to aim.


It would be cool if all wheeled drones had that kind of targeting function. I might actually get into playing them if they did.
That’s probably why the only drones I enjoy are Vulture and Yaoguai: I want to be able to target people or places deliberately.


Agree +1

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No complaints as that stops fuzes from being probably the worst, slowest, counterable weapon of all crossout, but let´s be honest, there´s a lot of hate upon that weapon, the slightest change to justify that 1100 ps on them would provoke a wave of rage, on top of that if you have 3 fuzes on you (if you want to do any damage at all, you need 3) wouldn’t be easy to know which one detonate when you release the 3 of them at once, plus honestly, after seeing how they mess up with some weapons… i don´t trust devs judgement so much tbh

Would be much easier, a ps reduction, an ammo increase (from 4 to 6), increase of the speed or damage, any of this would suffice to make it less painful and unfair to play fuzes

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i fully agree with this! i think it would make the drones easier to use instead of choosing a random target out of the box.

the drones need a little buff to melee resistance. i seen them run full speed into a enemy then kill themselves before detonating. kinda funny but also sad.

instead of making it so you have to detonate them yourself, just target a specific car and let them go at it. the detonation thing might mess some people up. like getting them caught on the environment or something.


Simply buffing them does not solve the botting problem whatsoever, tho. If Fuzes are viable in their current form, you’ll see people botting with them. It’s just a matter of design.

I’d like to see Fuzes getting buffed (don’t even play them, but I like the concept. Probably the lest retarded drone in the game), but they need a tweak. Targeting like Anni drones, manual detonation… Without any of this, all buffing Fuzes would do is create a botting pandemic.

Something like targeting manually what you want to attack would be awesome, now fuzes have a clear predilection to go for turrets, mines and any other thing besides an actual player, when not stuck on a simple corner or obstacle because potato A.I, that and the absurdly high reloading times, leaves your build completely exposed and defenseless so you have to run like hell to avoid being killed, on top of that you also need to add more explosive parts to you car (factories) so you end up having to do some serious engineering to be able to stay alive while losing some big parts of your build due the inevitable (and more than possibly caused by a shotgun) constant explosions

But as i said, any kind of buff would be more than welcome, right now they are almost unplayable on certain ps despite being so freaking fun to use

well the thing is the fuze drones DID actually get a buff before, they now hold 6 ammo instead of the previous 4 they had long ago and im happy for this. but the issue with this is the explosive parts of the microfactories. i feel that this part shouldnt explode. rather just fall off like normal parts do.

my car, when i was running it, had a ton of explosives on it. literally a cannon hitting me in the back of my cabin was enough to end me. i ran a harpy, 3 fuzes, cheetah, doppler, apollo, about 5 or 6 microfactories (because the ammo count back then used to be 4 fuzes so i didnt have much to work with, and a 25% boost to ammo on drones is not much at all.) 6 bigfoot wheels, on light frames and armor with a train plow at the front to absorb a few frontal hits. this thing was as frail as wet toilet paper but man when it hit, it hit hard.

after some time there were builds who could actually catch up to me (harpy + cheetah ran 120 back then but i could somehow easily be caught up to by fast shotgun builds) so i swapped out some things and swapped in an annihilator drone for defense. it helped so much because if i was being chased i could target them with the drone and make an escape. that or i could circle back around when they went to turn away then drop my fuzes to surprise them with a blast of extra damage. it was alot of fun.

i think this has to do with the cheetah engine honestly. because you can use that to reload them faster. though i used a fuze drone in raids and yeah the reload time is so long, i doubt even the reload buff to fused drones can make a difference. the reload for turrets and other drones to is very long. idk if it was always that long or if they nerfed the reload to.

mine always gets stuck. the combo of driving so fast and them being light weight you cant combine them with other drones like turrets or then you start running into issues. instead of stopping they keep driving into them.

i remember they were good at 10k ps. my build was around 10 - 11k ps and they were helpful. knocked a ton of armor off heavy and brick builds lol.


I played fuze drones on a harpy for a while, and I often play launchable drones, and I don’t agree that genesis shouldn’t be explosive.
When you’re playing fuze drones smart, you shouldn’t be taking that much damage. These things are meant to be played on fast cars: drop and run.

If I played other drones, I might feel differently. I also play turrets occasionally, and they’re the same to me. I accept the explosive aspects of genesis because I hardly ever need to put myself in real danger.

That´s almost all true, the style of hit and run is there, but you are not the only fast car, and running away is not always an option (in fact in almost in all games there are several fast cards that can chase you and kill you easily because you cannot defend yourself), and i accept it, but the feeling of being a glass cannon when playing drones it’s almost too much, as i said you have to do some engineering to be able to “function” after a big explosion , but if you face an smg a shotgun, or if you lose your wheels you are simply dead, and again i’m okay with this i know what i sing in for when playing fuzes, it’s just that if you put all the pieces together and balance all the pros and the cons, the cons surpass the pros BY A LOT , but despite all the very wrong aspects and all the downsides towards this weapon i still love to play with them

Now answering the topic about factories being explosive or not, again it will help not carrying too much explosive on your build, but it´s not the main fuze problem, the main problem of fuzes is the dependence of other parts (cheetah to cooldown a little bit the 30 seconds reload,radar, because without one this weapon simply does not work,factories because yes you´ll need more than 6 drones, intact build to be able to escape while long reloading times etc…) to function in a mediocre way as stated before, to me the ps assigned to that weapon 1100 ps does not correspond to an unresponsive, slow, clunky, highly countereable, very low dps weapon

Or just release an epic one, like we have with ammo.


This would be a perfect solution. Higher PS but no boom.

Fuze drones seem fine to me at this point. I built a 3 fuse harpy with a cheetaand a radar just last night around 8200 ps and was getting one to rwo kills per match

You can target specific enemies with them but you need to actually drive well and get your intended target closest to you then deploy them. If your just randomly spamming them from the benches they will either just drive around following you or lock on to the closest thing in range.

They work way better with some kind of radar and with half the players not knowing how to build a ride that can stay together you can easily wreck 2 or 3 others with no issues while still playing safe

Just for curiosity…
My drone build has hawks… i like them, they are fast and responsive and they do keep up with me, i don’t have any factories, i make due with 4 Lauches. It’s enough for the most part but some games i need more. i’ve seen other drones players SD with lots of drones yet to launch, so i don’t see the point in having factories

What i would love to have
I can stack turrets or wheel drones with my hawks but turrets don’t move and wheeled drones are slow and wonder off
The game should allows us to mount the drones more ways than it currently does. that way Hawks would be an alternative to itself (currently there’s no alternative to hawks).
or having a kind of wheeled drone with Hawks like properties, stackable, fast and always glued to the mothership shooting against every one else maybe a small change to the sidekick or a sidekick 2
Also against Mgs, SGs and flash or spark the drones are useless