Buffing workpieces

Does anyone else feel like workpieces need to be buffed? For starters, they should be free to use rather than costing coins just to craft, like 75 coins on the legendary one. And secondly they should require less parts, like a legendary one needs 2 of epic part A and 2 of epic part B. But the cost of these epic parts already costs about as much as buying the legendary weapon off of the market, sometimes even cheaper to do so. Or in some cases the epics themselves make more coins being sold as is rather than using them to craft a single legendary item and then trying to gain profit from it. Especially if you don’t want to grind resources or just straight up sell the epics, buy the parts you wanted to buy with coins, and then use your new guns to grind resources and sell them and make profit from that as well, as opposed to using a legendary workpiece.

In fact the only time I have seen any kind of profit from these workpieces is during mini passes when price of unused and wanted parts gets artificially raised as they are needed for crafting something. As they are now they are just useless bloat in your inventory you have no use for or can’t put into any proper use. Crafting in general is not really worth it, but honestly workpieces, that should be crafting but more worth than normal crafting, are also completely worthless

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Yes i totally agree it should cost NO coins that’s a big turn off in the building of things.

Not really but it’s kind of item specific. If the item is already devalued on the market then yes it could use a boost. In the past the workpieces have just generally devalued market prices though as they had cheaper crafting requirements.

Workpieces help keep BP items cheap on the market.
But yeah, you need to do the math to see whether it’s worth using one or just buying the part.
If the item is currently cheap, that may change if it becomes an ingredient for an event. At that point, those workpieces become very valuable.

Would be nice if we could sell workpieces on the market.