Bug or Bad Reading Skills?

The price on Gerridae dropped enough that I decided to get a set, and I decided to tinker. What I found was a difficulty in knowing how fast this build is supposed to actually go. The cab says the Max speed is 67 kph, while the Gerridae sport a max speed of 70 kph. I expected that if I wanted the max speed of this build to actually reach the maximum potential of the Gerridae I would need to add and Engine, right? Wrong?

This build claims it can go 70 kph naked, with just the cab and legs installed. That doesn’t make sense to me. It looks like I made the cab go faster by simply adding the legs.

Very odd, it’s shouldn’t work that way.

I don’t have 4 legs yet, so I can’t test.

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its fine,it’s what your movement parts speed is :crazy_face:

I’m glad you think it’s odd too. Despite my razzing you on various issues, I do think your perspective on this game’s mechanics is relevant and important to consider…usually.

Ya, I’ll take the free buff, for sure. It’s not a big deal, but this update probably needs a few minor patches patches. I just wonder how many flaws it has that I can’t see from my side of the screen.

here,try this spider out,same speed thingy right?

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I like that one. I’ve taken that one for a spin a couple times, but I wasn’t paying attention to the numbers much when I did. I’ll be glad to take that one out again and take a closer look at the stats. It’s creepy AF.

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The Gerridae appear to also buff the Trucker’s speed from 60 kph to 65 kph

I’m not familiar with any other movement part buffing speed.

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It’s not the driver?

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then maybe they overlooked it,so thx for the nerf doc !! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
just kidding…‘or am i’ :thinking:

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that’s a good question!..let’s see…

Oh…This could be. I think I’ve been running Phobos (Lancer Cloak), so this is probably a case of bad reading. Thanks Monkey. If it’s not that, then I’ll be back. Otherwise, my bad.


you totally missed this doc :point_up_2:
hint ‘no co driver’ :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It might have been easier if you just explained what driver you were/were not using instead of playing the “hunt for the icon” game :slight_smile: lol

“Isn’t capitalism wonderful?” :wink:

Of course, they are gonna tweak that awful, awful bug left by “someone unknown”. But later. After a few months have passed and enough money collected.

On the other hand, I’m definitely gonna build something with those new legs. I assume they’re not as resistant to recoil as buffed legs are, but still better than regular wheels.

Ya, totally did.

It seems counterintuitive to me that there should be any co-driver at all in a build started from scratch, but the previous co-driver seems to be the default, rather than null co-driver, which I guess I have a habit of naturally assuming is the case. The co-driver tends to be one of the last things I address with a build.

Dumb mistake.

Ya, I thought they were hard to resist myself.

Considering their speed it’s an improvement. And, since Bigrams are weak and ML are heavy and slow, Gerridae would suffice as a replacement.

But that’s after I get 4 fused, one more fused, and craft 3 non-fused. For me, it’ll take time.

I took my son’s abandoned account (he played for a month or so, then quit) out for a spin, because he went tanky with his account and has got a set of ML-200s, and I don’t, and I wanted to run some tests. I thought they did fine, but PVP has a lot of variables going on in there. I felt like I was being ignored by enemy a lot, and it allowed me to do pretty good with them. There was no real rush happening and that’s what usually cancels that gig for me. Maybe not very many ambitious players out. IDK.

I might try a similar build to what my son has, but use the Gerrida instead of the ML-200s, and see how that feels.

If they don’t update ML-200s, I don’t see, from where I’m at now, how ML-200s won’t become obsolete. I think that would be sad, but not unusual. Like with Hardened Tracks; does anybody still use those, now that Sleipnirs are a thing?

I enjoyed the couple of matches I did with ML-200s.