it is a bugg or why im always in the loser team?i need 4 hours to win 3 battle…stupid game…and buff that fkng hovers bcz is become a shit …all small cars are fuc k us…ty

Put up with it, you’ll find nothing but frustration in this game. And no logic at all. And you won’t find entertainment either, and if you do, it’s rare. :vulcan_salute:

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Above all, don’t spend too much or you will regret it. I speak from my own experience. :vulcan_salute:

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i now Aladin …i stop to play 4 years ago and now im back idk why…im idiot…this game nerf our money who we work hard every day…

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this is Aladin forum or crossout forum?Aladin answer it on my question but crossout nothimg?you answer just at my mail when i buy packs or other s hits in your game?how you solve this?or we are arogants?

yes, aladin is crybabe

and yes, you as aladin multiaccount say you are in loser team, it means you also one of loser in team based on what you said.
I often carry losers and then this team is no longer loser team.

and because you always need 4h to win 3 battles, it means you are the worst in team. Happends. Just improve.