Build classes in crossout

Blame the offensive vs Defensive topic for this idea coming to, but I realized there are several distinct classes of builds in crossout. And I am going to try and explain my line of thinking here.


these are offensive short range builds, be they armed with shotguns, lances, or active melee. These guys have two objectives in a match get to the front line fast and get a kill as quickly as possible. Strikers are as their name implies the ones trying to do the first strike.

How to deal with: Just be aware, 100% of the time if you hit them before they hit you they die.

how to play: cloak and use the flank, be fast but not to fast your objective is to get the first kill after all. And running into an 8v1 will not get you that kill.


Defensive short range builds, these guys focus on tanking damage and just sitting in the melee causing as much damage as possible. these are generally I hate to say it dog builds. If left alone they will destroy your whole team so watch out.


These guys focus on DPH, be it a yong wang, or a scope, their main objective is to hit you with hard solid hits while being highly mobile. AS such they are almost always offensive builds though defensive vertsions do exist.


Be it plasma, MGs, or miniguns, these guys have one job putting down sustained fire. Generally these are medium ranged builds that do really baddly both in the brawl and in the snipe but when supporting a melee they can turn a loosing fight to a winning on with jsut DPS alone.


These are the defensive drone players who have high armor and high support utility, these are the drone players who are in the melee with their close range allies using their own health to distract the enemy and their drones to do damage.

How to deal with: shoot the drones, ignore the juicy target that is them, or else their allies will kill you.


Sorry for the name, but these are the guys running fuzes or turrets who drop and run. they are the offensive drone builds so to speak. they rush in deploy their damage and rush out using their speed and allies as a shield for their turrets. As such they are 100% defensless once their allies fall.

how to deal with: destroy their drones and ignore them. you will win via objective 10 times out of 10.


Be it a mandrake, or more effective incinerators, these guys have one just supporting you from range and creating areas of mass damage that forces your enemies to act. Sadly do to this role they are completely defenseless if their allies can’t take damage or are bad in their own right. That said the incinerator builds can at least give more utility with their area denial.

How to deal with: get close.


this is a prefix apply to any other build, these are the guys who ping things for the team ping high threat enemies and just act helpful.

how to deal with: they are to rare to have a playbook.


High defense these guys tend to be slow heavily armored and built around turreted cannons. Generally speaking these are one of the builds you want to have on your team in a brawl even if htey are rare as the blast damage blows away large chunks of the lighter builds. That said do to spaced armor they are not that effective.

how to deal with: be any other build type and aim at them.


Be it an autocannon, course cannon, or small caliber cannon, these guys will use them from range and will blow half your build to pieces before you get in firing range. More annoyingly if they are a hover their main weakness is void that said at least they are less accurate against you as a hover.

how to deal with: prey to god it isn’t a hover, and if it is a hover hope you have a dog on your team that hates hovers.

Art is war

these guys bring art builds into combat, they generally have a single weapon, or are missile based. don’t worry they are not dead pop on your team. If someone is bringing art into war they generally know the game enough to use it. weakness varries from build to build but as most are one guns just shoot the gun.

how to deal with: shoot the gun.

Missile boats

come in two flavors shotguns, and missile spam. These guys are either using dumb fire rockets or guided missiles to hammer you. Missiles have pretty good burst damage but thankfully can be easily countered, rockets on the other hand well there is a reason they are commonly used as shotguns.

How to deal with: their weapons are always weak and easily destroyed by splash damage of any kind. explosives disarm them quickly.

Mine layers

comes in two forms, speedy offensive builds that rush in and drop mines right next to you, and speedy tanky build that kapkan you then drop kings next to you in mass. note both might be armed with a hog so they might ram you afterwards.

How to deal with: same way you deal with strikers know their paths.


PC only is as single user and his friends, they always have sideways hovers, their weapons are random. Tehy will not miss.

how to deal with: ram them with a dog.

Support build

Armed with barriers, Tombstones, and argus. these guys tend to have weak offense but are designed to counter as many of the enemies as possible. These are rare and always in a squad. when you see one they will be hard countering like half of your team.

how to deal with: focus fire on them first, don’t use missiles.

these are just types I have noticed anyone else have once you have?


I’m not sure I notice any of those names.

Most builds in Crossout can be boiled down to:


Long Range

Mid Range


Drone boats

And you will have Glass Cannon and Tank versions of those.

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YEah I went to complex.

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All good man. Great job!

My 2 cents: I think turreted cannons are some of the worst weapons to play tank, and I’ve dealt with lots of frustration trying to make that crap work before realizing that you just can’t tank when you sacrifice 4 tons for weapons, and deal almost as much damage to yourself than opponents in CQC.

Wanna tank, bring something light and sturdy, and with no blast damage. Whirls and Reapers are the most obvious choices because of versatility, lack of blast damage, and constant DPS that makes you impossible to ignore.

I don’t think true defensive builds exist in crossout, I’d categorize them as offensive and support.

Only thing resembling defensive builds are the “Nananana can’t touch me” builds like small fast builds and hovers that move faster than your guns or build rotates, or just zigzag back and forth and you don’t hit anything. Other than that it’s just pure offense all around, even if you have a weapon meant to be sniped with, unless it’s attached to a hover you’ll just see builds rushing you because it’s more effective to just push and bonk your enemy rather than keep distance.

If a build is not designed to purely attack, it’s always supporting an attack, like with trombones and kapkans and so on. There is no defensive play at all.

It’s not a Demolition Derby 3 Mod. Wanna tank, bring something light and sturdy, and with no blast damage. Whirls and Reapers are the most obvious choices because of versatility, lack of blast damage, and constant DPS that makes you impossible to ignore.