Building and conversions

So, i’ve got new toys. But hard pressed to fulfil the daily quota of challenges, nothing came out , my imagination isn’t there and in top of that i’ve been playing a small and sturdy build and i just can’t get enough of it to a point where today i didn’t picked up any of my SG builds , i just couldn’t.
Conversions sucks, yeah, it’s cool to have a modular and multipurpose build but nothing beats a single purpose build.

the strange thing, i have a rough idea of what i want, but i jut can’t produce it today.

DDo you relate to this? If so, what you do?

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All the time…

When I get to a block where I can’t build something from scratch, I will often download something from the exhibition that roughly fits what I want. Then, I will usually disassemble the thing almost completely and rebuild it multiple times. I find having something else as a starting point other than a blank slate often works well for me.

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I never run into this issue personally. But ive been building from scratch from day 1, 5 years ago.

Frames and cabin, movement parts, modules, then weapons, then armor it up, every time. Rarely do i have to backtrack to previous steps.

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Depends on the kind of weapon you use. If it’s something similar in shape: certain machine guns-uncetegorized weapon or most melee weapons — one good build can cover it all, with one simple replacing of the weapons.

But if you’re talking about daily challenges, then it heavily depends on whether you have free slots. I recall someone propagating “free blueprints” idea, which I support. Either way, I had to make 3 blueprints for 3 different weapons to complete dailies. That I did and rarely changed them; instead I just pick whichever is required and spend 10 minutes in patrol.

If so happens a weekly BP challenge would require from me to use something like missiles or any other type I don’t use, I’m using my imagination to build something good and complete it in one day, without saving the build.

I figured that would be the mose efficient way to deal with them daily challenges, aside from using exhib builds.

I actually save 2, not 3.

I’ve been using the same two builds for quite a while now, and am continually tweaking them.

Canons is one challenge, for which I use an Assembler build.

Shotguns and machine guns are done with the same build, and I simply swap out which ever weapons I need and feel like using. Many of those weapons slot right into the same spots, so they’re really interchangeable.

I have one very good tip for you man.

When you play ClanWars (if you are not good, just play even rust ones)

then you can have for example Machinegun build in garage while playing Cannon/Energy/whatever build in CW, it will finish challenge for Machinegun anyway.

So you do not need multipurpose build rly. just weapons to put in garage build anywhere just to make challenge.

Not sure if its bug or what, but it work like this. Myself anyway i dont care about challenges that much.

I’m tired, I’ve dinned and i’m a bit sleepy now. I’m a bit sleepy now, but i’ll tell you what i’ll do now.
I’ll do a couple of battles

Next i’ll do something, i’ll work in a design.

I won’t do much raids this week.

Day 1 was 6 years ago :slight_smile: just sayin (not beta)

Show us your donut!

The prototype didn’t survived the first night, it was scrapped.


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My day 1 was 5 years ago. My donut says 5, not really photo worthy.

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