Building challenge

Since people love building and sharing builds, here is a fun challenge to try out. Make a build with no matching weapons, types included if you choose to. Of course this will be left to the builder to decide on what weapon is the same kind and what is not, for example someone might not put a Goblin and a Parser on the same build since they are both shotguns, but someone else might put them since the other one is a fixed angle shotgun and the other a single shot shotgun.
But the main idea of this is to build functioning builds with unusual weapon combinations.

My attempt at this is a Quasar/Miller Harpy build with a cooler, radiator, ammo pack and flywheel. The guns are a bit exposed but other than that it functions


Sidekick, hawk, booms, and every piece of passive melee available on the Call Cabin. Extremely functional when defending the rear of the group.

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