Building (something doesn't add up right)

Ok, i’m building and tweaking like crazy today.
And i think something doesn’t seem right to me.

Fav cab has 10.5 tons = mass limit, with Grizzly it maxes out at 11.815 tons if we add the cheetah engine… that’s more 850 kilos of mas

shouldn’t the mass max out at 12.665 ?

3% of 10,500 is 315. So 10,815 is correct.

I quit trying to figure out the mass/tonnage nonsense.
I just trial & error it.

In other words, I feel your pain.

but that’s from Grizzly, i’m talking about the cheetah engine

Feel the restrictions :smiling_imp:

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the engine has its own mass that eats the tonnage the engine adds.

also depending on order of how the  tonnage added gets applied.  regarding grizzly.    whether that is based on the cab or both cab and engine.   

try applying the grizzly to just cab then add engine after see if that comes out to what you see. to see how grizzly is applied.

if grizzly is only applied to cab but not the engine then that might account for the difference your seeing. vs the math of it.

do you have enough wheels to reach mass limit without exceeding tonnage

i would say that grizzly does not math in the extra mass limit from the cheetah

thanks for posting that panda you verified what I was thinking. I don’t have a way to do that on the forum, being from PSN crossout.

I am NOT seeing the issue the op is claiming in the original post. based on the images you posted panda.

there is NO mass discrepancy in those images. and its getting applied exactly as intended. Since the total mass was the issue the OP claimed didn’t add up right.

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