Building Something Unique

Most of what I do in XO is just build stuff. When I’ve purchased packs or battle passes, it was so I could get new parts to build with.

If you’ve seen anything really interesting built in XO or elsewhere, share it here.

Here, I’ll start…

Oh, no… this isn’t XO, but since someone said this particular game is a low effort endeavor, I thought maybe it would be good to clarify things.

In the new version, you can build things you couldn’t imagine in the original, and only wish you could in XO.

Granted, this is only the alpha release, so subsequent versions will look even better.

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I haven’t gotten to play PVP yet… this looks insane. I hope they continue to de-smooth the textures.

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I had looked at that game before starting crossout years ago. It looks better than it use to. :slight_smile:


Yeah, this new one actually looks like I could build something somewhat realistic. The original looked uh uh uh silly. :sweat_smile:

I’ve been learning how to build with it, and it boggles my mind. You have an amazing amount of freedom.
If XO fixes the challenges, I hope they learn a few things from this. I’ve always wanted a hinge in XO so I could build a tractor trailer or something similar. Robocraft 2 has that and more. It still doesn’t look nearly as realistic as XO, though. Nowhere near it.

Wouldn’t it be cool if, in XO, after your build got pretty smashed up, de-framed or had its weapons stripped, your driver could jump out & start lobbing grenades at the enemy? Better yet, imagine running to cap a base while crouching behind some wreckage! So many possibilities!

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