Building trick for if you get stuck inside a build

Occasionally when making levi’s I get stuck inside a build, in the build editor when building from the inside. No amount of exiting and re-entering seems to fix this. I’ve never really considered it a bug because well how many people build from the inside other than the hamster.

To get unstuck there is a trick. Save the build, clear the garage, reload the build in the garage.

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Never! I will forever spam every single button until I’m set free!

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The funny thing is you can get the camera actually stuck in the parts as they have clipping on in the build mode. So when you drop a new part from the inside that is too close it pushes the camera away from it. So you can pretty much delete the entire build trying to get out but be stuck inside the part behind you and still be stuck.

i just exit edit, jump into test drive and immediately leave, resetting the camera angle to default

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I tried that the last time and it didn’t work but will try it again later. I kind of made the post just to bookmark it incase I forget again. It’s not the first time it’s happened. lol…