Built-In Aim Assist while using keyboard and mouse


This has been floating around for a while but I have not been able to find any reports of this or info if this is intended behaviour.

Summary: Players can use aim assist (intended for controllers) while using a keyboard and mouse. This makes aiming significantly easier.

How to reproduce:

  • Plug controller in
  • Tape the left stick in the up position. This will cause crossout to think the player is on console mode and enable the aim assist
  • Play with your keyboard and mouse. The game will still consider you to be on controller mode with aim assist enabled, but you will be able to move and aim with keyboard and mouse.

If this is unintended behaviour, then it would be good for this to be fixed ASAP since this is a built-in aimbot which players are able to use.

If this is intended behaviour, then people should know about it.


Someone left a comment on my yt channel on a video about a cheater I was reporting. He said that was the exact bug he was abusing instead and not hacks like I thought he was using.

DEV. MUST ACCEPT this thread and MUST IMPLENTED this concept , why? , your game have launched several years. but mechanic Sync between player/server are TRASH (not all country are good connection). you need to know Dev. , Your mechanic aiming are TRASH (depending the connection, unlike WT, WT even 400ms , if the bullet hit the target , it STILL HITTED even wait 0.4s to sync between Player and server, UNLIKE YOUR GAME), honestly , i have intrested to your game because your new mechanic concept “helicopter” 3d Sandbox (simpleplanes are good but , cant pvp). i would want buy the Battlepass but… AIM & CONNECTION SYNC MAKE ME DECIDE TO DONT BUY IT.

for who want say “then use/buy the controller” or “skill issue” or samething from this both. simple answer and common thing. >>> NOT ALL PLAYERS/USERS ARE SAME LIKE YOU <<< , me playing with controler/stick felt weird and cant satisfy me (more prefer, Limited. i have tried even with aim assist)


here i have 2 solution for you about this :

  • Copy the Sync mechanic of WARTHUNDER (you same gaijin corp. right?)
  • add aim-assist KB Mouse user

Crossout mobile are BETTER than your game. dont ask why. even crossout mobile has limited parts if compared with crossout PC/console. i more prefer play the mobile version than THIS . if not because HELICOPTER , I DONT PLAY THIS TRASH

you know, i have said this because this isnt bad for your future as game developer. i can say this because i have knew your position. i would like to say, my ping while each match (except adventure, adventure give me the finest ping) are about around 350ms. for example shooting RAPID-AUTOCANNON like AC Series, mostly are miss (need aim prediction? that desc. are SCAM, u should change “Double prediction”) with mid range and long range. in CQC , more 50% miss chance but better MOSTLY Level. MG series have better (caused by rotation) but still feel uncomfort yeah… even using a engine with Rotation buff … still cant satisfy me.

Ivy XO mobile
And cool Ivy XO and I promise not to tell… :zipper_mouth_face: :wink: