Button Bug / issues

Since the update my buttons are all messed up on crossout. I checked many times my Heli Rotor is on X button and i press it and it switches to my horn button then back to (X) button on xbox when heli rotors are off. Also my RB & LB are swapped.

IDK about land vehicles but my Helicopter is wonky now. The heck they do to it?

Now my scope button tilts up the front of my vehicle.

Something like this happened to me a few days ago while playing a copter. All my controls started functioning in reverse; forwards went backwards, right went left. It turns out, I pressed the “T” key which is a reverse camera mode (lets you look behind you). I didn’t even know about “T” in battle until a vet player educated me. (I know “T” centers cars in your garage.)

Yeah mine is doing it on Xbox An i know about the reverse cam thing. I have that set to a button. Its due to the update they did. The Festival of Fire. Because I can see on my screen my buttons change when i turn on the rotors. It goes from (X) to (B) button on xbox controller. My Scope button is on RB and switches to LB and RB is backward tilt or something on the rotor movement.

Its all kinds of weird.

Have you double checked your accessibility settings?

Accessibility setting? I just updated got on and noticed my rotor it says press (X) at bottom to activate my rotor then it shows at the bottom to press (B) to deactivate. It was alright before the update. I didnt go into any menu. Also does the other things I say i can watch my buttons change ingame. Including my scope button and all that.

I have a custom button layout in-game controller button layout i changed. I had that button layout for years.

Maybe something messed up your custom layout? Have you tried playing around with those settings?

i did try changing a few buttons then changing them back and applying yeah. An it still does it with Rotor vehicles only it seems.

new control schemes for the mobile version, youre welcome.


and look who else i found on reddit, our very own brazilian stallion lucash! member him? poony, doc, im sure you miss him too, maybe we can get him to come back here.
hes in the comments, on a thread by tenshin funnily enough.

also, note that as of now tenshin seemingly got downvoted for his bragging ways.


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