Cab durability

does increasing cohort cab durability increase the whole build durability just curious

Screenshot 2024-05-07 094325

i know how to read but im curious cuz i downloaded a build nd mine has a thousand durability less then the persons build when i have all the same parts nd dont tell me oh well u know grizzly increases durability

The perk wouldn’t change anything about the build’s HP. It’s damage resist. So it decreases incoming damage, not adds health to compensate. Were you missing parts?
If not, they could have had the cabin fused for durability, and Grizzly increased that further.
Also (don’t have one so I can’t test it) the Omamori might increase the health of a cab if attached to it? That’s my understanding of its function, anyways.

But the cab could have been a dura fused one, and yours could not be. Show me both (supposedly the same) blueprints.

i figured it out if u upgrade cab durability it increases the build durability, i did a test with the trucker cab, that i didnt know i just thought it was for how much dmg itll take from someone