Cab idea salvager


cab base: modern tow truck includes the crane.

type: light
energy: 11
max speed: 85 KPH
rarity: legendary
faction: scavengers

ability: Can link to an ally to repair them, doing so heats the users build and disables movement on the host build. can not link to coupled builds(fusions) while linked allied build is repaired 50 HP per second replacing broken parts once they are at full. repaired parts return heated. Link is broken if either vehicle takes damage.

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Another cab idea, “Perkless”
It has a perk, but it does not have a perk in the traditional sense, basically the perk being that it boosts all attached parts percentage things and active time, speed recquirements etc but nothing directly (like for example energy weapon specific cabs), or has any special effects (Griffons radar invisibility)

For example Oppressor is usually 70% at 80km/h, when using this cabin, it’s 75% at 75km/h
Th last projectile in Corvo’s clip deals 210% extra damage instead of the normal 200%

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