Cabin energy

I have the BP Yokozuna Cabin. The Fusions are not the same as this current mini-BP so it cannot be downgraded, but this called my attention to my long forgotten Yokozuna. I thought I might use it until I saw that it only provides 11 Energy.
How in this crazy wasteland world can the Bear have the same Energy as a Yokozuna?
I am better off running the Bear with 3 Cobras or 3 Falcons and the Cheetah and a Detector then a Yokozuna.

Now, if Yokozuna had 12 Energy to add the Cloak, then maybe it would be viable even with the bloated Power Score.

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heavy cabins dont usually have 12 energy and are capped at 11 and its what makes them not as popular as lighter cabins. yeah they can take more damage and hold more weight but at a cost.

i just found it weird that light and medium cabins have 12 energy but heavy cabins only have 11. (up to a certain extent cause lower powerscore cabins dont have 12 energy so this doesnt apply to them)

we were discussing this before in a thread i made about it, and some people agree that some heavy cabins SHOULD have 12 energy while others should maintain only 11 for balance reasons (looking at you bastion).

Yokozuna i feel should have 12 along with the Cohort. but its really up to the community.

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