Cabin master is become more usem,less then before :)

I wonder why every time something is changed to improve it, only useless things are done or that make it worse.
the MASTER cabin had two problems I will put them in order of importance. now he has 3!

1 ° the most serious problem that makes it completely useless. the cabin has a very good perk but the attachment points to use this perk are placed in absolutely useless places (on the sides). to make the cabin playable (even leaving it as it is light with the same weight, power and limit mass) you have to put the nodes on the front and on the roof and in case also behind but already behind they are less useful.
move the nodes in front and above and the cabin will, by magic, become heavily used.

2nd problem, the cab is high and wide which makes it very difficult to build a functional vehicle. the booth would have to be 2 squares lower and it would already change the situation a lot.

3 ° with this modification that you are making, you have reduced the speed of this cabin too. but what’s the problem with speed? crossout is a game with machines! not with tanks or static turrets, there should be no cabins that do less than 80.
you should do the light cabin all 110km \ h — the medium cabin all 95km \ h and the heavy ones all at 80 kn \ h, then with the engines you can increase and depending on which “wheels” you use you will have limits as with hover to 70.
if we wanted to play with slow 40 km \ h vehicles we would have gone to play on world of tank

you have spent time for mod this cabin and now it is more useless then before, power node is in the same location but cabin is more heavy and more slow, now it become less used then before :slight_smile:

The design of this cabin and shape are bad. Changing a few numbers on it is not going to fix the issue. They need to fix node placement.

And even that would most likely still make this a bad cabin.

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