Cabin Power

I’ve been playing for awhile but don’t understand the significance of an engine’s “cabin power” rating. Just got the Pegasus engine, and I really don’t see how that is an improvement over the Cheetah, as an example. Pegasus has a cabin power rating of 44, Cheetah has a rating of 25. What does the Pegasus’s extra 19 cabin power points do for the build? It doesn’t seem to affect damage output or make anything reload faster.

Kinda amazing what you just described.

Cabin power can be viewed as ability to accelerate. Engines like colossus and pegasus increase it. Movement parts take away from it.

Pegasus also adds mass limit, for increased dura.

Cheetah/Oppressor give top speed boost and tonnage…so fewer movement parts are needed.

Devs havent provided the formula but top speed plays a part in acceleration, as does cabin classification (light, medium, heavy) now.

On some builds, Cheetah may provide better results on acceleration and on others, colossus might.

Trial and error, sonny. Good luck with it.

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Clay’s answer. Both engine power and top speed increase acceleration. Also, Pegasus has an undefined perk that adds massive amounts of power to unloved movement parts such as tracks but does very little for meta wheels and hovers. It is important to play with the loadout to see what Pegasus does for it. The number of bonus power is the number on the Pegasus engine icon in test drive. That number is added to 44 percent to get the total engine power.


I always assumed that power describes how long it takes to get to top speed, which is why a car with a high top speed will accelerate faster than one with a lower top speed but more power.
But there are other factors, like the impact of mass on acceleration. That was recently changed, allowing many wheeled builds to accelerate much faster with full armour.

The fact that there are 3 veteran players struggling to explain it makes it pretty obvious it’s friggin’ idiotic either way.


If the number shown by the Pegasus is lower than 11, the fused power collosus gives more net power. And building to mass limit skews it further towards the collosus giving more power (as you get an additional 1100kg weight to have to move using a maxed out Pegasus).

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Power not only helps acceleration but, also, determines whether or not you can keep driving after hitting someone, if you can push them around and what not. Claysdad mentioned that movement parts will drain power from a rig, so, there’s fusions you can make to wheels that reduce the power drain, in turn, increasing your chances of staying at top speed no matter who you hit.

Here’s a clip of POWAH!!

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I think the ability to push is also about how much unused tonnage you have on your build. If lifting an enemy puts you over tonnage, you lose all power. But if you build a bit lighter, you can still carry enemies around like hood ornaments.


I was confused because in real life, cabins in and of themselves don’t supply power, engines do, or the things the engines drive (generators, alternators, et. al.). In crossout, the roles of engine and cabin are more or less reversed, with an engine being an optional accessory. Thanks to all for clearing that up!

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Cabin Power = How Fast Your Vehicle Start/Move Forward
Max Speed = Maximal Achievable Speed

Engines Self Are UseLess. Just Health Bricks with Abilities :expressionless:

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Best Test is… Take Same Parts/Build and Change Cabins with Engines :tipping_hand_man:

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I think it’s more supposed to be that cabins have engines built-in, but we have the option of augmenting that with a secondary engine to increase power and speed.

I wish we could add even more engines, so I can make something like this:


I think the cabins are just rusted heaps newly endowed with the Allspark. Engines or not, they just Are.


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Disregard the new engine unless you are trying to make a high powerscore tank, its a waste of powerscore and engine perk. The Cheetah and Oppressor are your absolute best options for vehicle performance as they have the highest speed bonus. Cabin acceleration in this game is firstly tied to an acceleration curve that does not change noticeably for anything but hover. The higher your theoretical speed, the higher your speed will be at any point on this acceleration curve at a given point in time.

If you want acceleration you go for a fast cab with a fast engine, that is your only option without hovers. Despite cabin power, power does nothing to give you a bonus to acceleration, it just causes you to slow down less from power drain movement parts. Below around 80% worth of drain I cannot notice power on anything except hovers.

Test a barebones 4 ML200 build with a fast cab and then a slow cab, the fast cab will accelerate much much faster.


I don’t pretend to understand how it works, but I think your explanation is best.

I wish it worked the way horsepower and torque do in real life. I understand that. Those can have actual numbers that make sense to me. The fact that I can add a taillight to an enormous build and that little bit if difference completely wrecks the build to the point it won’t move is just stupid… And that this mythical metric isn’t displayed as a number I can rationalize, but a stupid red bar… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I don’t pretend to understand how it works, but I think your explanation is best. With the Oppressor buff, I acquired two of them… Just waiting for that hardware fusion event. I’m not a big fan of tanky builds. Speed is the key to winning.

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bluds waiting to fuse a 400 coin item :skull_and_crossbones:

more power = more acceleration its not really difficult

I’m actually waiting to fuse 10+ of them, but even if I was waiting to fuse only one, your apparent ego based on some sort of video-game ego speaks lowly of your intellect and life in general.

The fact that you summarize this to that line also speaks lowly of your intellect.

Carry on, carrion.

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