Cabin to boost projectile speed and impulse

I would like to see a legendary medium cab to boost projectile speed and impulse by 35%. Not sure if that would be strong enough to make people choose it over other legendary cabins but at least it would be unique and give us more creative options to consider.


At that percentage it would. A cab like that would be a pulsar users dream.

That would be way to high look at the last miller nerf. “Don’t get me wrong I think it would be a lot of fun but it just wouldn’t last long.”

I suppose that could be true for lower PS. At higher PS, probably only Toads have a noticeable impulse.

How can impulse be made to ramp up with PS?

They would have to program it to do so. It’s really not that different then the basic power scaling they do with lvls and stats in RPGs for spell dmg & gain per level. It probably would work out well for game balance as far as seal clubbing goes if they actually attempted to do that for most perks in general though.