Cabin Upgrade Special

Another weekend — another upgrade special! It’s time to upgrade your cabins — the base of any armoured car. Be sure to stock up on different upgraded cabins for every possible situation! From August 4, 12:00 GMT, to August 8, 11:59 GMT, you will need only one additional (identical) part to upgrade your cabins.

Please, pay attention that not all parts participate in these summer upgrades specials:

  • For the “upgrade removal” specials you can not use those that are part of the “Road to Singularity” season and “Foxy’s secrets” event (either new parts or those produced on the workbench of the season / event).
  • In all the “upgrade” specials you can’t use parts that are included in reward scales of: “Road to Singularity” season, “Polar lights” season and “Foxy’s secrets” event. Parts that are present on workbenches of both “Road to Singularity” season and “Foxy’s secrets” events also do not participate in these specials.

For this, I got excited and decided to try for a +Power Harpy in preparation for 9K Clan Wars. I went to fuse my Harpys, and found that it wasn’t part of the upgrade special because it is in one of the crafting table for a -Mass +Mass Harpy.

So, I got another Harpy Cab and fused it anyway. Got +Durability and +Power on my first try!

I have never played the Harpy cab much because it has too little power to competently operate hovers. Even with a +Power Colossus, and all fused hovers, the ride is kind of gooshy.

My first build with a +Power Harpy was a Helicon hover build with Grizzly for extra power. The ride felt great. Also, the Harpy perk is transformative. The way that blast radius works, is that a 20 percent increase in radius is actually about a 40 percent increase in blast area. This allows the Helicon to punch through hovers for some huge hits. Helicons are already nukes. Harpy Heli carries the threat to cripple or OHKO a build with every volley.

I didn’t have time to have a full Harpy Heli session but it is monster so far. I want to switch Grizzly to Atilan for even more DPS and blast radius and I’m hoping Harpy is still usable.


Don’t feel bad, I did this with Hammerfalls last weekend :slight_smile: lol

Now I’m sitting in 4 Hammerfalls until the next event…

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Getting what I want on first roll and then finding it better than I thought it would be more than makes up for my stuff not making the crafting table.

The Harpy was a lame gimmick cab to me. Now it is amazing. Sorry about your Hammers. I am sitting on two unfused Nothungs as well.

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Im grabbing two of the godrolled hammerfalls from the season. Im excited, ive never played a dog for a single match besides some sledgehammers slapped on a build to knock out challenges. I suspect driving is the deciding factor in how well these perform. My hope is it can take firebugs, breakers and hovers. If so, itll crack my CW rotation.


Awesome! I’m thinking Kronos, fused Hammers and Pegasus for bulk might be the new thing. Tear around at 116KPH and Heal your Hammers while you are killing something, then reheal them with the wreck of the car you just killed. Its not only effective, its demoralizing.

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finally got my novelty kekberus fused
probably a waste of coin but sometimes it’s nice to have something different to use that on paper can go with everything

Now if only you could use the meelee weapon part on it without it making your own build climb on top of the enemy build like some kind of a reverse wedge


Give the dog a beard. Cant be wedged up on someone if you wedge them first. Hatchets on ground level or a block above or on a tilted build, a couple of blocks ahead of the cabin might work.

Is there any difference between either 10% resistance and 10% durability increase on the cabs? I just upgraded 1 echo cab and with that roll I got increase mass limit, decrease delay before self destruction and 10% durability increase but I also wants one for power as well with either durability increase or resistance increase but don’t know if either resistance or durability have an advantage over the other.

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I think that they are generally equal, except if your cab has an Omamori or Averter on it, I’m not sure if the resistance to damage from the Averter stacks fully with the resistance of the cab. It is worth experimenting on. Also, with the Humpback Cab, it boosts weapons when damage is dealt to the cab, so on Humpback, Durability is better than resistance to damage.

Generally, players fuse for either +power or +mass and the other statistics are secondary. Sometimes, on a hover with a heavy cab, such as an Echo cab, it is good to fuse the cab for -weight to meet the build constraints you need.

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I tested a cab with the increase resistance and it just seems the cab takes less damage as opposed to having more durability so both stats to seem to be more or less the same. I try to strive to get increase power but every fusion I got today was mass limit increase. Upgraded the echo, janabbi and aggressor and got increase mass limit on all of them. Better than getting tonnage but I was still hoping to get the power. I can probably find a use for the increase mass of the echo cause it already got enough tonnage but the rest of it was yuck. Adding more mass just slows you down and increases your powersore getting you into tougher matches. Every cab I upgrades always gets the mass limit increase.

Echo +Mass is super good for Porc spiders especially with the Pegasus engine. You can have a fast one with a bunch of Gerrida legs, a tanky one with MLs or Bigrams and maybe a bunch of Goliath tracks. Add non steering Hermits in the back to add extra tonnage that you might need.

I have a -Mass +Power Echo that took me 7 cabs to get. It doesn’t seem like the best Porc option these days and I rarely play the classic old school Porc hover with Echo cab, Oppressor, Icarus VII, and 3 Porcs, 2 Kapkans and a Flywheel.

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This was the best I could think of to squeeze every last dollar out of my mass limit increase echo cab lol. I wanted it to club some seals with porcs at low ps hence why I was hoping for power increase and not the mass limit.


That’s a cool Brick!

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It works sometimes but mainly just a bullet sponge for your team and nothing more lol.

Its situational resistance is better for cabs with low durability as they don’t get a large bonus out of durability.

Doesnt have to be the cab. Any damage to any part of the vehicle.

I ended up testing it out after and I don’t think it matters much. Say I slapped 1000 durability worth of armored parts then with the resistance perk weapons does 10% less damage to the cab and with the durability perk you get like 1100 durability to the cab instead so more or less the same thing.

As far as durability rates go 1k is way too high for an example your really only looking at 200s for a light cab 5-600s for a heavy so your only realistically getting 20ish or 60ish durability out of the durability bonus. That gets spent really quickly and resistance bonus will continue regardless of the amount damage taken. So if your going to have an exposed cab or light cab the resistance bonus can be nice. Similarly in PVE they normally target the cabin and it works well for that too do to the cabin aiming of the bots.

I like cerebus for full melee builds. You can put a harvester under the cabin’s drill to stop you from climbing, and/or a wall of Lacerators on either side, and of course passive melee bits can be used down low to prevent climbing too.
The drill might not be adding that much damage, but at least it means you can never be completely disarmed.
It’s still not a great cabin, but can perform decently if you don’t inflate your PS too much.