Cabins & Wheels Upgrade Event Next Week?

Just a thought… in the past, when the upgrade events come, they usually come in groups. This week, it’s weapons & modules. Next week we’ll probably see cabs & wheels… just a thought.

I only have 1 cab ready to upgrade, but hope to grind enough to get a 2nd.

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Usually yes. But sometimes they do stuff wierd. I hope your right though. I could use a cabin fusion event rn.

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I don’t think so. In the past they let a difference between X weeks of that kind of event and AFAIK starts next week the new battle pass.

I kinda’ hope I’m wrong… I’d like to get a second Torero so I can upgrade that. The fact that I use that cab regularly & have never upgraded it is rather absurd.

I have two each of the Cerberus and Quantum ready to go, though.